Took the plunge!

This week has been very odd when it comes to the babies’ naps. One day they talked through their entire morning nap, then “asked” to be put in their cribs at 12:45 (they normally go down at 2:00) and slept until 2:00, then went to bed at 6:30 (they normally go down at 7:00). Then yesterday they actually took their morning nap, but then talked through all of their afternoon nap, only to fall asleep right before N was about to go in and get them at 4:00 (I was not home). They slept about 45 minutes.

So today I decided to just jump in with both feet. When morning nap time rolled around I packed them up into the car and we headed to a park (the weather was actually cool enough to not feel like you’re roasting in an oven just walking to your car!) where there is a great splash pad and play ground. When we first got there Lucas freaked out! He had a death grip on me and would not let go. Kyla was less freaked, but she wasn’t too sure about where we were (they’d been there before, but N was with us and it was quite a while ago). I had to carry both of them from the car (didn’t feel like dealing with the double stroller, but will probably use an umbrella stroller next time) and carried them close enough to the water to feel a little bit of spray, but not get very wet. They both freaked. So I took them over to a nearby bench and Kyla sat next to me while Lucas sat on my lap. We watched the water spraying and other kids playing. Eventually Kyla was willing to get off the bench, but she kept a hand on the bench. Lucas slowly became comfortable enough to wander away from me and even approached the water once or twice. At one point he took off and I had to run after him, leaving Kyla on the bench. She was not happy about that. The next time he wandered away, she followed him and discovered the rocking horses. When I put her on one her face lit up. She loved it. Lucas, on the other hand, was not a fan. So I was holding Lucas, bouncing Kyla on her horse, and talking with another mom. When I looked down, Kyla had her head resting on the horse’s head and she looked exhausted. It was 10:30 and I decided it was time to go home.

On the way I stopped and got them a snack (and me an ice tea) from Sonic. After their snack they seemed to get a second wind, but at 11:30 “asked” to be put in their cribs. They slept really well and woke at 2:00. The afternoon was a little shaky at times (Lucas kept stealing toys from Kyla and making her shriek), but we managed to survive until about 5:00 when they melted down. I offered them dinner (thankfully I had food in the slow cooker, so it was ready), bathed them, and had them in bed by 6:30. They were out like lights.

Tomorrow we’re going to go for it again. I’ve set up a play date for them with another set of twins at 9:15. We’re going to another splash pad. I am hoping that they will slowly become more comfortable with the water, along with keeping them awake. I’m praying we have a successful day tomorrow!


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