Water Fun

I want very much for my kids to like the water. N isn’t real fond of it and always has an excuse for not going swimming. I used to swim all the time. We even had a pool in our back yard. This spring I got the twins a baby pool for the back yard. We used it for awhile, until it got so hot outside that I was miserable (I don’t do well in extreme temps). Well, the weather has cooled off a little this week (80s instead of 100s in the morning), so I’ve been trying to do outside stuff. Plus, it keeps them busy as I try to move to one nap.

Yesterday I took them to a park with a splash pad and neither of them would go near the water (though Lucas got close). Today I met up with a MOM friend (her frat girls are a couple months older than Kyla & Lucas) at a new fountain (the water comes out of the ground) where kids can play. I wasn’t sure if either of them would go near the water, but I figured the more often I expose them to it, the more likely they will be to try it some time.

When we first got there it wasn’t turned on and we almost left to go to the park splash pad. Thankfully, she asked a maintenance guy when it would be turned on and he said it should be on soon. It took about 10-15 minutes of waiting, but eventually it did turn on. I think it might have been good that the twins got to play around before the water came on so it wasn’t quite as intimidating right away. Lucas got sprayed accidentally and freaked out, but after I held him (while I was laughing) for a bit he got down and had the BEST time running in and out of the water. He was absolutely drenched and having the time of his life. Kyla never got close enough to get wet. Right as we were leaving, though, it looked like she might. I think I’m going to talk to FIL tonight and see if we can come play at his neighborhood pool tomorrow morning.

(Oh, and yes, that’s Lucas wearing the pink hat. It belongs to one of the girls we were there with. He asked me to put it on him and didn’t take it off until his sister snatched it from him. )

Kyla watches the water

Kyla watches the water

Lucas runs under the water

Lucas runs under the water

Kyla thinks about it

Kyla thinks about it

Lucas is having fun

Lucas is having fun!

So exciting

So exciting!

Break time

Break time


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