Ugh! Napping in our house is becoming quite an issue. Well, I guess it’s more an issue for me than for the twins. I want them to take two. They seem to think that nap time is for talking/playing. Which makes me think maybe it’s time to move to one nap. Then they have a day where they sleep great and I think “Okay, they do still need two naps.” I don’t know if I should just bite the bullet and start working them towards one nap, or keep putting them down for two and just ignore it if they don’t actually sleep. I wish there was a way to magically know the right answer. *sigh*

And now, nap time is over and I have to go rescue some babies…


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  1. Tera


    I don’t know if this helps at all, but Ainsleigh grew out of her morning nap around 1 year old (the afternoon nap soon followed, but I fought that battle till she as 2 1/2!). I am a big believer in “quiet time” in the bedroom even if it doesn’t mean they sleep when they’re phasing out of the AM nap (to babble, play with stuffed animals, listen to quiet music).
    Sometimes I’d turn on a little educational TV show for her (or give her some books to look through), plop her on the couch with a blanket, her pillow and a few stuffed animals, and we’d cuddle for 30-45 minutes. As she got older there were lots of fun and ‘new’ quiet activities we could do doing this time (beading ‘jewelry’ on thick yarn, sticker books, coloring, puzzles) and as she outgrew the afternoon nap, she accepted this down time a lot more easily than if I had sprung it on her expecting full compliance at 3 years old.
    I found that when that morning nap goes, you have to move the afternoon nap up an hour or so, and often bedtime gets bumped up 30 mins-1 hour earlier too. They still need the sleep, but it just comes in bigger blocks of time as they get older. So, I guess I’d suggest you keep putting them down in the AM and just ignore it if they don’t actually sleep. The important thing is they are home, away from the bustle and stimulation of errands, the household, their toys, and you, yet mommy still gets those few precious (and needed!) minutes to herself!
    Good luck! Keep us all posted on the progress! 🙂

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