Yea, Five!

First, let me apologize that it’s been 6 months since my last post.  It goes without saying that we’ve been super busy and I’ve got a lot to catch up on.  However, that will have to wait for another day because today’s post is all about my big FIVE year olds!

First, the stats.


  • Weight- 37.8# (35-40%)
  • Height- 41.75 inches (35-40%)
  • BMI- 15.4
  • Hearing- passed
  • Vision- 20/20

She was able to identify (and draw) the circle, rectangle, triangle, and “X” as well as write her name.  The person she drew had a head, eyes, a nose, a mouth, a body, and legs. She’s right on target!



  • Weight- 37.4# (25%)
  • Height- 43 inches (50%)
  • BMI- 14.1
  • Hearing- passed
  • Vision- 20/20

He was also able to identify (and draw) the circle, rectangle, triangle, and “X” as well as write his name.  The person he drew had a head, eyes (with pupils), a body, arms, legs, and a penis (yes, a penis!).  Other than the drop in his weight percentile, there were no concerns.  The NP is not too concerned about the weight, figuring he’s just super active.



So that’s the basic stuff.  Now for some of the more personal stuff.


Saturday was Kyla’s first dance recital.  She did such a great job!  She told me “I was a little scared” when I asked how she liked being on stage, but she also enjoyed it.  It’s funny to me how she’s so much more physical/coordinated than Lucas while he’s more advanced in academics (total opposite of typical gender stereotypes!).  Otherwise, she totally fits the girl stereotype.  She’s SUCH a girly-girl.  She insists on wearing long dresses (and if they aren’t long, they aren’t “pretty” enough).  She loves nail polish and makeup (which she only knows about because of dance).  She’s also been asking for jewelry.  She got a necklace for Easter (which she immediately lost) and wanted earrings for her birthday.  Dad said no.  However, Aunt Erin decided that every girly-girl should have earrings, so she got her some clip on Sofia earrings and amulet for her birthday, which she has worn every day since.  Oh, and she insisted on buying a Sofia dress (that goes to her toes) with her birthday money.  I not very girly, so we’ve decided that she’s actually my sister’s daughter. 😉


I’m absolutely astounded at this boy.  He has started to really and truly read.  He knows several sight words and is doing amazing at sounding out words.  He’s even learned about the “bossy e.” 😉  On several occasions we’ve picked up books from the library and on the way home he’ll read the book to me from the back seat.  And most days, he spends the time between waking up and 7:00 AM (the time he’s allowed to come out of his room) reading books.  I love how much he enjoys books!  N worries that he’s going to be so far ahead when he starts kindergarden that he’s going to be bored (and get into trouble).  We’re starting them in transitional kinder for next year, to give them more time to mature and work on their speech (which has improved a lot this year).  I have a feeling N is right about him being very advanced.  But with the right teacher, he should do fine.

Big changes are coming to our household at the end of the summer.  The kids will start TK and I will be going back to work.  I got a job as the librarian in a local elementary school.  The nice thing is that they will get to come to my school when they start kindergarden in 2015.  But I have to admit that I’m not looking forward to being away from them 9 hours, 5 days a week. 😦  They will be going to school with their friends K & J and their mom will be driving them on the days that N works.  I won’t even get to be there to drop them off on their first day of school. 😦  I get all panicky every time I think about it.  But I know it’s what is best for all of us.  I’ll try to keep you updated on how it all goes.

I can’t believe how grown up they’ve gotten.  It feels like just yesterday that they were my little babies.



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