Week 2 of Homeschool: Family

Week 2 of homeschool went relatively well. Ha! That’s kind of a funny way of phrasing it, since this week we focused on Family. 🙂 Okay, I have a weird sense of humor. Sorry.

As I was saying, things went well. I didn’t do everything I had planned, but we did manage to do something every day, so that’s a win in my book! Here’s the low down of what we did. I am sorry for not having pictures of everything, but it was difficult to work with them and snap pictures at the same time!


To introduce the theme of the week I found a video on Youtube of the song In a Family that I had originally seen on Nick Jr. a long time ago. We revisited the song several times throughout the week and they really loved to try to sing it (or ask me to sing it). After the song I pulled out the pictures I printed of our entire family (extended included). There were 36 pictures all together. We talked about who each person was (some they’ve only seen once or twice) and how they were related to us.

Then came the biggest hit of the day (perhaps even the week!). Finger puppets!

Finger Puppets!

Finger Puppets!

I found them super cheap on Amazon. There is a Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandfather, and Grandmother. The three of us acted out all sorts of scenes with the puppets all over the house, even reenacting our trip to Disney. It was lots of fun. I left the puppets out the whole week and they frequently picked them up to play with them. But I also noticed them playing “Family” even more than they used to on their own. I even heard Kyla tell Lucas “You be N and ask me to marry you.” Too cute!


Tuesday was a VERY busy day for us. It was the first day back at Speech, Kyla had dance class, and I had a massage I had scheduled a few days earlier (trying to combat a headache I’ve had over a week). So we didn’t get to school stuff until after dinner! But we did manage to squeeze it in. I don’t have pictures, though. I printed off some handwriting practice pages with Mom, Dad, Kyla, Lucas, Grandma, Mom-Mom, Mimi, Jan, Gramps, Papa, and Grandaddy written out for them. They traced the names and talked about their grandparents and why they are special.


This day was the main reason I chose to do Family for this week’s theme. I wanted to make something to send to their grandparents for Grandparents’ Day. We decided to make hugs to send to them. In the morning I had them make handprints with finger paint (I spread the paint onto their hands and they placed them onto the paper. Worked beautifully!). Then they got to get into the bathtub to wash it off with a little shaving cream! Later in the day we measured their arms and made paper strips to glue the hands onto. They wrote “messages” on the arms before gluing. I had to let go of my idea of what the final product should look like. Especially when they started gluing two left (or right) hands to the same strip of paper.

Making hugs

Making hugs

Unfortunately, I’m a slacker and didn’t get them to the mail in time for them to arrive for Grandparents’ Day. I hope to get them in the mail tomorrow.

We also had the opportunity to go to story time at the library with friends. It’s so fun seeing how far they’ve come from when we first started taking them to story time. They were totally involved and loved the stories the librarian shared.




N insisted that I go to the doctor about my headaches. So I went while N took the kids to speech. The meds my doctor prescribed knocked me out all afternoon. It was bad. 😦 So bad that we didn’t get to do all of that day’s activities. But I did somehow manage to get one done (no pictures, though). We used the pictures of our family members and placed them under their familial title (mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, or cousin). We also counted how many of each there were. LOTS of cousins (I included cousins once removed and their kids!). It was interesting to how confused they were by the titles. But they sure knew who their first cousins are (I love that they are all so close in age and love playing together)!


We continued to use the pictures to sort into categories. We started out grouping by boy/girl and counted how many of each there were and which number was “more” or “less.”

boys vs girls

boys vs girls

Next we grouped them by household (who lives together) and counted those as well. We talked about patterns we could make, but we didn’t actually do any patterns.

Then it was computer time! I had them start with Red’s Rhyme n’ Roll on PBS Kids, simply because Red is on her way to Grandma’s house. Weak link, I know, but it was better than nothing!

While their sibling was getting some computer time, the other child got to identify some family traits. Well, sort of. I had them do a worksheet that described their physical attributes and then draw a picture of themselves. We then discussed what traits we had in common and what ones were different. I don’t think they really got this, but I tried.




Overall I’d say the week was successful. I’m going to have to figure out how to fit activities in when we have a busy schedule (that seems to be getting busier by the minute!). Next week I’m planning more activities for the days we will be home and simple things for the days I know we’ll be out and about quite a lot. Hopefully it will work out.

Oh, and to cap off our Family week, we got to spend some time with Papa and Mimi at their house swimming in their pool!

My little fishies!

My little fishies!


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