A Year in Review {Letters to our Children}

Since another birthday has passed, I thought I’d focus this month’s letter on how far you two have come in the last year. Here you are on your third birthday:

Happy Birthday, Pirate and Princess!

Happy Birthday, Pirate and Princess!

And here you are on your fourth birthday:

You Wrecked it!

You Wrecked it!

Everyone loves an adorable winner

Everyone loves an adorable winner

Not only have you grown physically (we’ll know how much when we go to your four year check up June 27th), but you’ve come leaps in your language, motor, socialization, and cognitive development!

You started speech two days a week in November. At that time I had to translate just about everything you said for people, including your dad a lot of the time. I found it interesting that you had such different problems with articulation. Kyla, you put all of your consonants in the front of your mouth (example, /t/ for /k/) and Lucas, you put yours in the back of your mouth (example, /k/ for /s/). In the 6 months you attended speech with Miss Nitchy you have worked so hard and mastered ALL of your goals!! You both are self correcting more often and everyone says you are getting easier to understand (ignore Aunt Erin. I think she just doesn’t listen. 😉 ). I am so proud of you.

Fine Motor
You are both able to write your names (you kind of have to know what you’re looking for, but I totally see it) and have written lots of other things when I tell you how to spell them. You’re working on scissors skills (you love to use them, but I haven’t really worked with you on control just yet) and have come a long way in your coloring and drawing. You still don’t stay in the lines necessarily, but I see more control than you used to. And you’re suddenly starting to actually draw things that are recognizable, not just scribbles! You are both starting to draw your own versions of people.

Gross Motor
Lucas, you’ve started showing an interest in baseball, so we’ve been playing “catch” with lots of different sized balls. You’re getting pretty good at both throwing and catching, though I wouldn’t say you’re a star athlete in the making just yet. I think you’re pretty much average with other 4 year olds (though I don’t really have anything to compare you to). I asked you the other day if you’d rather do t-ball or a class with lots of sports and you said “lots of sports.” Then I asked if you wanted to do lots of sports or gymnastics and you said gymnastics. So now I need to get you signed up for that when I figure out our July schedule.

Kyla, you love to dance and you like to show us how you can spin around on one foot. You’ve asked to take ballet again, which I’m happy to do if we can find a class that will work for us. You both took swim lessons in the spring and it amazes me what a little fish you’ve become. Lucas has come a long way as well, but it’s clear to me that you really love it. Lucas hesitates a little, but you have no fear when it comes to water!

You both surprised me when we went to Disney in January and you had no problems going up to every character we met to give them a hug and get an autograph. Yet, when we came back home, your usual personalities came back.

Kyla, you still shut down around new people, hiding behind anything that is convenient. I wish I knew how to help you. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure you get it from me. Yes, I’ve gotten better as an adult, but I usually have to call upon my theatre background to get through it.

Lucas, you don’t necessarily walk up to total strangers and strike up a conversation, but you’re definitely more comfortable around new people. You love to make people laugh and have even started telling jokes. If you get even one laugh, you will tell it over and over and over again. You have also started trying to learn songs so you can sing them on your own. So cute!

You both are SO smart! A year ago you were still working on the alphabet song, recognizing letters, and counting to 10. Now, you’ve got the alphabet song down, you know all of your letters and can even write most of them, you’re starting to tell me what letters words you hear start with and can sound out words with help, can count to 15 consistently (still working on higher than that), and can even do simple addition and subtraction! I’ve stopped doing focused lessons with you and just let learning happen naturally, which doesn’t seem to have slowed you down any! Of course, you’ve got speech class, which exposes you to letter sounds and hearing the individual sounds in a word. You’ve also attended Zoo School, which has developed your knowledge and love of animals. So the formal learning is still there, just not being done by me.

Every day you both amaze me. I can’t believe that I got so lucky to be the mom of such great kids. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year brings. Though, to be honest, I’d like it to go by a little slower so we can enjoy every moment. I love you both so much!

Some of my friends in my moms group and I have decided to create a blog circle where we will share monthly letters to our children. Please check out my friend, Carolyn’s, beautiful letter to her children here and then follow our circle around until you get back to me.


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