I’ve been “offline” for the last 6 days. It’s exhausting!

If you recall from my last post, I decided that my next habit that I needed to work on was actually to break my computer habit and stay offline from 7 AM to 8 PM. It’s been much easier than I anticipated, but that is probably because we’ve been so stinkin’ busy!

Thursday the kids had swim lessons, then attended “zoo school” for the first time (a topic for another post). We were out of the house from 10:15-4:15.

Friday I had Bible Study, then we had lunch with a friend. The afternoon was spent playing the kids.

Saturday I didn’t get on the computer at all. At 6 AM I left the house to go run, then I volunteered with my co-op, hit the grocery store, came home long enough to make some dip for a party, then the whole family attended a crawfish boil. Talk about exhausting!

Sunday we attended church and the rest of the day I was so exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep. We snuggled in the recliner and watched Take Me Out to the Ball Game with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra (LOVE!).

Monday we went grocery shopping, then made a 5 hour visit to the museum.

Tuesday the kids had swim lessons and speech. I made and canned 6 pints of salsa and chopped tomatoes for more canning today. We fed and played with the neighbor’s dog, then visited and had dinner with N’s aunt and grandmother.

Today will be a “light” day of speech and lunch with friends. Depending on how things are going, we may go to a park for a hike.

So, does anyone want to tell me stay at home moms do nothing all day? Huh? I dare ya!

I’ve actually not been missing being online much. Yes, at first I had to make myself do other things to distract myself, but really I’ve realized that I’m not missing out on anything by waiting until 8. Though I did have a friend text me to ask if I was mad because I hadn’t replied to her email! Oops. And I have had a couple of times where I had to get on the computer long enough to get a phone number or directions, but I don’t count those as cheating because I didn’t check my email or FB or my message boards while doing it.

Another week and it should be a new habit. I just hope I don’t collapse from exhaustion in the mean time. 😉

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