Color Run and Mom Guilt

I’m going to try to start out with the positive:

I did it! I completed the Color Run 5K!! I had wanted to complete it in 45 minutes or less, but did not quite make that. However, I did finish in under an hour (I think it was about 55 minutes), which is still pretty good. I did not stop (except when there were slow downs around a color station) and I actually ran some of it. N walked next to me and cheered me on the whole way. We had a great time and we think we’re going to sign up for the next one, which is in November. This time we’re going to bring the kids along. They’re already excited about it!

Color me done!

Color me done!

I sent a picture of myself after the run to my electrophysiologist and he said “THAT pic belongs on the Medtronic Calendar!!” LOL

In other running news, last night I attempted week 4 of my C25K program. And I DID IT!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ Week 4 consists of a 3 minute run, 90 second walk, 5 minute run, 2.5 minute walk, then repeat. This is the first week where the walk time is shorter than the run time. I can say I’m shocked I was able to do it, but at the same time I had faith that my God would see me through it. My prayers as I walked/ran this time were less pleading than last week. Instead I simply said “I know You can help me through this, Lord,” and indeed he did! Even more exciting (for me) is that I did just over 2 miles in 30 minutes. That’s my fastest time ever!

Okay, now time for the guilt. 😦

Last Monday Kyla got sick. She had a bout of diarrhea, ran a temp, and was coughing. I took her to the doctor and we eliminated the possibility of strep or the flu. It was declared a virus and we were sent home to let it run its course. The next day she was all better. The cough remained, but that did not concern me. The fever being gone meant that even though she couldn’t go to speech that day (Tuesday), she could go the next day. My MIL stayed with her while I took Lucas to speech on Tuesday.

Wednesday came and we had plans to go see DH’s grandmother. Well, Lucas started coughing a little, but nothing too bad. I debated on canceling, but felt guilt over the fact that Granny was alone this week and we kept canceling (we’d had to cancel Monday). I called and asked her opinion and she said to come on over. So we did. And that night as I put Lucas to bed, I suspected he might be running a fever. I didn’t take it until the next morning. When it was 103.6. 😦

I assumed he had the same thing as Kyla. Other than the diarrhea, he had the same symptoms. So I didn’t bother with the doctor. Friday came and he still had the fever. Okay, so it was lasting longer for him, but that’s not unusual. We stayed home from Bible Study and I debated over and over again what to do about the Color Run. I wanted SO much to do the run, but at the same time did not want to leave my sick son with my MIL (both because of him and her). She told me she was fine with it and so I took them over to spend the night before going to pick up our race packet then meet up with N for a late dinner.

MIL said Lucas slept very restlessly and the morning was spent snuggling and watching TV because he was miserable. 😦 He was still running a fever and would go back and forth between acting normal and like he felt awful. We took the kids home to take a nap and he slept for 3 hours and woke up saying his ear hurt. We had plans to go back to MIL’s for dinner because BIL was in town. Again, I debated on going. We went. I also called Granny and found out that she was sick as well.

Sunday dawned and it seemed like Lucas’ fever might be gone. He stayed home with N while Kyla and I went to church and before we got home his fever was back. And MIL was sick. So we made the decision that he definitely needed to see the doctor the next morning.

When he woke up he was acting like he felt fine and I wondered if taking him to the doctor was going to just be a waste of money. I took him anyway, and I guess that’s the first thing I’ve done right. The doctor said she heard crackling in his lungs and his temp, while not officially a “fever” was still higher than “normal.” She prescribed an antibiotic and said she was treating it as pneumonia. If he’s not better in 48 hours, we’d do a full work up.

When I texted MIL the news she must have decided to get herself looked at and went to the Minute Clinic at CVS. She was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. I called Granny and she was not doing better, so she went back to the doctor. She’s now been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. 😦 So now not only do I feel awful for putting my desire to do the Color Run above being there for my sick child (and not taking him to the doctor sooner), but I also feel guilty for getting MIL and Granny sick. 😦


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