Advent- Week 1 Wrap Up

My original intent was to post every 5 days, for a total of 5 posts. Then day 5 passed by and I thought I’d do a post every 6 days for a total of 4. Then that passed too and I just said “screw it” I’ll get to it when I can. And honestly, it’s not like I’ve been great about taking pictures each day, so does it really matter?

Anyway, the kids have been very excited to do our “numbers” as they call them. What a difference from last year! They are able to tell me what number we are on and point to the number on the calendar. Last year I remember pointing out the numbers to them and counting for them, but they were definitely not recognizing numbers yet. Of course, once we get to tomorrow, we may be back to that, since they have not yet mastered the double digit numbers. 😉 The one thing that I have trouble with is that they seem to think that every time they sleep we should do another one, meaning they ask again after nap, even though we’ve already done that day. I don’t think they’ve totally grasped the concept of a “day” just yet. Either that or they are just trying to manipulate me. 😉

As for the daily activities, I’ve only had to rearrange once. And it wasn’t so much a HAVE to as it was that I didn’t get moving as quickly as I should have that day, so we weren’t going to have time to fit the activity in and still make it to Speech on time. Otherwise, we’ve been right on target.

And I must say I have loved, loved, loved doing Truth in the Tinsel with the kids. I’m reading to them from my Bible, which is a Today’s English Version (I’ve had it since I was 10) and even though I know they don’t understand every word, they really do listen. I always discuss what I read as we go along, asking them questions to make sure they are understanding at some level. I’ve been so very pleased with how much they are retaining. On Day 3 we read about Zechariah and how the angel told him his wife, Elizabeth, would have a baby and he didn’t believe him. So the angel told him that he would not be able to speak until the things he’d said came to pass. Of course, we discussed the story, but I didn’t really know how much they grasped. Until later that day when I heard Kyla talking and peaked around the corner to find her kneeling in front of the tree where one of the Zechariah ornaments was hanging. She had the angel from our Nativity scene and was making it “talk” to Zechariah. It was saying “You no talk ’cause you not believe me” (or something to that effect). It warmed my heart!

Here are a couple of pics from the last week, just to prove I’m really doing stuff. 😉

Day 2: Crown ornament for the Prince of Peace

Day 2: Crown ornament for the Prince of Peace

Day 2: Put up the tree.

Day 2: Put up the tree.

Admiring our work.

Admiring our work.

Day 6: Mary and Elizabeth

Day 6: Mary and Elizabeth

Day 7: Mary's song (heaviest ornament EVER!)

Day 7: Mary’s song (heaviest ornament EVER!)


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