Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

This year our Advent calendar will have some similarities to last year, but with some extra things thrown in. I’ve printed out all of our activities for this year, but also included Bible Verses to read each day, going along with Truth in the Tinsel, which we will also be doing this year. Truth in the Tinsel has an ornament craft to make each day that goes along with the selected passages from the Bible. This is my effort to enforce to my kids that Christmas is not all about Santa (though he’s fun, too), but about Baby Jesus’ birthday. My kids have already asked if they can get a present for Jesus’ Happy Birthday. Too cute!

Anyway, the activities I’ve chosen for us to do this year follow. Hopefully I won’t have to do quite as much rearranging as I did last year. I’ve kept them pretty simple, since we’ll also be doing the ornament crafts. My hope/plan is to do these first thing in the morning so the day doesn’t get away from us. We shall see.

1- Read Christmas Story
2- Set up tree
3- Set up Nativity
4- Decorate
5- Donate toy to Toys for Tots
6- Write a letter to Santa
7- Learn a Christmas song
8- Christmas shopping
9- clean out/donate toys
10- Santa @ THHBP
11- Learn another Christmas Song
12- Make Christmas Gifts
13- Make presents for Daddy
14- Bake cookies for friends & neighbors
15- Breakfast with Santa
16- Pizza & a Movie
17- Family Pictures
18- Make wrapping paper
19- Gingerbread houses
20- Wrap presents
21- Christmas Movie Marathon
22- Read Christmas books
23- Make reindeer food
24- Family church service



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2 responses to “Advent

  1. taymecanencia

    cool 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to hear how it goes! Have fun!

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