November Book Club: Tommie dePaola

Tommie dePaola is an author I was already familiar with. He’s the author of several award winning books and has been around since I was a kid. So, of course, I had to pick books I was not as familiar with for our Book Club this month (hey, gotta keep myself fresh, right?!).

The first one we read was Tony’s Bread. Set in Italy, it’s a retelling of a tale about the origins of “panettone” (a traditional sweet bread from Italy that is served in the holiday season, kind of like fruitcake). Silly me didn’t decide on what books I’d be using until the night before, so I made a midnight run to the grocery store so we could make our on Panettone Muffins! I mixed up the bread before we left for C’s house so it could be rising on the way. Then the kids got to “punch” the bread and mix in the fruit, then divide it among the muffin tins. They turned out okay. The kids each took a nibble, but they weren’t a huge hit. Oh, well. At least they had fun making it!

Panetone Muffins

Next we read Streganona. Now, you would THINK I would be familiar with this book. I sure knew the title, having shelved it in my library countless times. And all the subsequent Streganona books… But I don’t actually recall ever reading it. I wish I had read it before, but I’m glad I have now! My kids are STILL quoting from this book. LOL

Anyway, I decided to get brave and do some sensory play (those of you that have been reading my blog for a while know I can get kind of twitchy when it comes to messy sensory stuff). I cooked up a bunch of spaghetti and gave each of the kids a bowl and fork, then let them go to town (after having a stern talk about NOT eating the noodles!). Spaghetti was everywhere! They really did have a lot of fun, so I’m glad I got over my twitchiness. I think it helped that it wasn’t at my house. Shh. Don’t tell C. 😉

“Boil, boil, pasta pot…”

I then read a book called Stagestruck that I thought was really cute. But by this time, the kids were getting a bit antsy and weren’t really interested in doing any more planned activities (which is probably for the best, because my plan was kind of loose). They were going nuts jumping on the furniture and chasing each other around (have I mentioned that these 4 are crazy about each other?). At one point the girls were snuggled under a blanket watching the boys wrestle each other. We finally decided to put a stop to the WWF Smackdown and C put in Letter Factory (if you do not own this video and have preschool kids, you totally need to get it). So we had a couple of seconds of silence and cuteness.

Moment of quiet

As usual, I think the kids had fun and C and I definitely enjoyed getting some time to get us all together. Now I think I’ll go work on planning December’s Book Club so I’m not staying up late planning the night before again. 😉

By the way, please forgive the horribly fuzzy pictures. I forgot my camera at home and took these with my lousy camera phone. 😛

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  1. The spaghetti would have gone everywhere at my house too. The muffin sound delicious. I am going to share this post on the Read.Explore.Learn. Facebook page in the morning.

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