Yes, I know I’m behind in posting (I need to update on our Thankful Chain and our November Book Club), but I just wanted to pop on to say that we FINALLY have the kids enrolled in speech! Whew! This has been the longest process EVER. The district SLP says that I happened to hit the “perfect storm” of screw ups to end up taking this long. At first I felt like they were putting me off as long as they could so they could wait until January to start services, but I’m pleased that we are starting right away! We could have started today, but Lucas is recovering from an ear infection, so I decided to give him one extra day and we will start tomorrow. The kids are really excited to start “school.”

I had a lot of people telling me to prepare for them to not qualify because they have to be really low to get services from the school district. But I just knew they were low enough. Turns out I was right! Kyla scored in at 3% as compared to females her age and Lucas scored 7% as compared to males his age. However, they both made the exact same number of mistakes (though they are different ones). I think the comparison of males and females is part of the discrepancy between percentages. Also, Kyla apparently couldn’t follow verbal directions for oral placement (ex: “put your tongue between your teeth.”) where Lucas could.

I’m very much looking forward to them finally getting some help. They will be going together for now, which I think will be good for them, and we’ll assess if we need to separate them later or not. For now they will be going on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 30 minute sessions. Next semester we’ll look and see how the schedule looks and change if we can. The new SLP is fresh out of college, but seems very sweet and I think the kids will like her.


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