October Book Club

Yes, I know it’s November now, but we really did do these activities in October! I just haven’t gotten around to posting.

October’s author was Amy Krous Rosenthal. While I was familiar with some of her work, I discovered several new books that I absolutely love! I actually did one set of activities with just my kids and another set with our friends. Both days were a lot of fun.

Al Pha’s Bet

This book is all about the “invention” of the order for the alphabet. Al Pha makes a bet with himself that he can win the King’s contest for putting the letters in some sort of order. It’s cute, and with my kids’ enjoying singing the alphabet all day, every day, I thought it would be fun to do some activities relating to it. After we read the book we put our letter cards in order.

aphabetical order

Putting the letters in order

Then matched the letter magnets to the cards.

Matching Letters

Matching letters

We also ate homemade alphabet soup (kind of hard to see, sorry).

Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup

Spoon and Chopsticks

I was so delighted to discover these two books. They are super cute for kids, but also have a humor for the adults to pick up on. I loved the puns and visual jokes. Really. If you haven’t read either of these books, you need to.


In Spoon we are introduced to a young spoon who feels like everyone else (fork, knife, and chopsticks) have it so much easier than he does. In the end, of course, he figures out (with help from his mother) that being a spoon is actually pretty special after all.

For this book I gave each of the kids a fork, spoon, knife, and set of chopsticks. I asked them to figure out which utensil would work best for transferring water from a cup to a bowl. They quickly figured out that the spoon was most effective (though N was determined to use the chopsticks). And then N decided that the easiest way was to just pour the cup into the bowl and all the others followed suit! LOL


Will chopsticks pick up water?


I especially liked Chopsticks. It really spoke to me because of the fact that our kids are twins and do everything together. I’m not sure that the kids picked up on that, of course, but it was there. In the story, one of the chopsticks breaks and must rest so he can heal. He encourages his partner to go off and find ways to play alone. At first he is hesitant because he’s never done anything alone, but in the end he finds all sorts of new things to do. And when they are together again, they are stronger for the separation.

My kids have enjoyed the game Wok N Roll since we got it last Christmas and I knew it was perfect to bring with us for this book. E & N had never used chopsticks before, so they were a little slower than Kyla and Lucas, but they were both determined to master them. It’s a game we’ll have to bring with us again.

Wok N Roll

Wok N Roll, baby!

As we prepared lunch I had these place mats for the kids to color and they placed their utensils in their places and tried to use them to eat their food. It was cute.


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