MIA again

Sorry to go MIA again. I swear, if I could have just one month that is stress free (or at least just the normal amount of stress) I would be a happy woman. Let’s see… What has happened the last month or so? My 88 year old grandmother fell and broke her hip (thankfully she’s doing very well in rehab and should get to go home this week!) and my father was in a car accident and broke almost all of the ribs on his left side. He’s still in the hospital and in a lot of pain. 😦

While these things don’t directly effect our day-to-day, they do occupy my mind quite a bit. We’ve continued to do our letter of the week activities (we’ve completed letters t, f, b, and r since my last post), but to be honest they seem a bit boring to post about. I feel like we do the same thing over and over again, just with a different letter. Yes, I’ve tried to incorporate new skills, or develop old ones a bit further, but otherwise it seems pretty repetitive. I’m feeling uninspired by the worksheet type work we started out with. Yes, the kids like the predictability, but they also are at the point that they rush through and the purpose is lost.

So I’m doing a bit of reassessment this week. In all honesty, they know their letters. They sing the alphabet (and the Letter Factory) songs all the time. They can recognize the letters, put them in order, and tell you the sounds they make. However, we are still not ready for reading. They can hear the first sound of a word if I emphasize it, but not on their own (part of that is probably their articulation issues- more on that in a bit). They cannot put sounds together to make a word, though. I’m not worried, of course. They are three. But I’m stumped on what the next step to work on will be.

I bought a 12 week lesson plan called “Reading the Easy Way” from Living Life Intentionally. It works on site words, not phonics. They have been picking up a few site words on their own (zoo, stop, their names…), so I thought this might help them feel like they are reading. Lucas is great at seeing patterns, so I’m sure he’ll do well. I’m not positive if this will be the right approach for Kyla, but I’m willing to give it a try. I plan to start the program next week.

In other news, Lucas finished his gymnastics class last week (he loved it) and Kyla finished her ballet class yesterday (with mixed reviews). Kyla has decided that she wants to take gymnastics with Lucas instead of ballet, so starting next Monday they will be in the same gymnastics class. It will be interesting to see how that goes and if Kyla changes her mind again. I think it’s funny that she was the one that wanted to take a class separate from Lucas, but he was the one that really thrived without her.

We also FINALLY got their speech assessments done today (long story about the delays that I won’t bore you with). The Speech Language Pathologist that did the assessment said they will likely qualify for services, but she had not scored them yet. It was a relief that a professional was hearing the same things I’ve been noticing for months. Hopefully we will be hearing from someone soon to set up an ARD (Admission, Review, and Dismissal) meeting and start their speech therapy. I’m looking forward to getting them the help they need.


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