Today was our second day to do LOTW activities. The letter we focused on was the letter N. I would say we had another successful day of “school.”

Before we started, though, we had to go to a real school for a vision and hearing screening (preliminary stuff for the speech testing). I told the kids the nurse would be checking their eyes and ears to make sure they can be good listners and lookers so we know if they are ready to learn. When I’d set up the appointment the nurse had said that 3 year olds never pass, but they have to do it anyway. However, my kids are definitely overachievers. They not only completed the screening, but the nurse also decided to test them for color blindness even though she never does it with kids that young. She kept going on and on about how smart they are. Yep. I’m a proud mama! 😉

When we left the school we had to go over to a craft store to pick up some supplies that I hadn’t had time to get. Then, as soon as we got home we got started. Well, they grabbed a snack and I tried to get them started. 😉 We started with another Itsy Bitsy Book so we could introduce several words that started with N. Since the book format is the same every time they feel like they can “read” it by themselves. I love hearing them “read.” 🙂 Despite my urging, they decided that all the pictures should be the same color this time around (Purple for Kyla, Orange for Lucas). I’m debating on continuing with the books, though, since they seemed to rush through this one.

N Mini Book

Lucas got started on coloring his mini book right away. Kyla was too busy snacking.

Kyla reading

Kyla “reading” her book.

Next, we broke out the scissors and glue sticks again. No instructions needed for this worksheet. Kyla cut out all of the pictures first, while Lucas chose to cut and glue one at a time. They really like to use the scissors, but I still need to work on Lucas’ technique a bit. He’s hit or miss on how he holds the scissors. We’ll continue to work on it. When they finished, they traced the letter N and were excited to say it went “up, down, up!” Later they were even able to write the letter without tracing!

Lucas scissors

Lucas using his scissors

Kyla tracing

Up, down, up.

Our next project was a coloring sheet that required coloring in shapes based on if they contained an upper or lower case letter. The end result was supposed to make an upper case N. I wasn’t sure how they would do, since we haven’t really worked on staying in the lines, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did. Of course, we couldn’t go without some difficulty. Kyla had done almost all of hers when she suddenly decided she needed help. I’m starting to see some parts of her personality that are a lot like mine when I was little (needing to be perfect) and it’s a little disturbing. Especially since I have no idea how to break her of it (I’m still kind of like that, if I’m totally honest)!

N picture

Yeah, still working on his pencil grip, too.

Then we took out our craft supplies and got started making necklaces. This was great for working on fine motor. I got the plastic craft lace to make it easier for them to tread the beads, though we did run into the problem of some of the beads having too small of holes. I liked the variety of beads in the big assortment pack I got. Looks like we’re going to have to do a LOT more activities with beads and craft lace, though, because we had WAY more than we needed. Which I knew we would, but it was the only way to get what we wanted.

Kyla beading

Kyla working on her necklace.

Lucas beading

Lucas working on his necklace.

While they worked on their necklaces I worked on making lunch. To be perfectly honest, I did not plan this one ahead of time. But I think I did a pretty good job. We had a noodle “nest” with a hard boiled egg in the middle, nuts, and a baNaNa (we talked about how N’s can be in the middle of a word too). The banana was a bit of a stretch, but I needed to get some fruit on the plate and it’s what I had. 😉

N Lunch

N Lunch

After nap we tried out an activity I made myself. I know there are some of these out there somewhere, but I couldn’t find them. So I made my own. They are strips with a picture followed by 4 letters. The object is for them to decide which letter the picture starts with and clip a clothes pin under that letter. This was the first time they’d ever used clothes pins, but they really loved it. I did have to say some of the words slowly for them, since there were several that they don’t pronounce correctly, but most of the time they were spot on! I’ve decided to leave these out so they can play with them and practice on their own.

Clothes Pins

Pig starts with P!

The last planned activity we did was to make noise makers. We got toilet paper tubes and covered the ends with construction paper (in hindsight, I might have used tissue paper). Unfortunately, I did most of the construction on these, since it was kind of tricky. But they did pour the popcorn kernels in. Then we had fun making lots and lots of Noise! We marched around the house making noise, we made “soft noise” and “loud noise,” “slow noise” and “fast noise,” and lots of other kinds of noises, just to see what we could do.

Lucas noisemaker

Shake, shake, shake…

Kyla noisemaker

… shake that noise!

We also pretended to be baby birds in a nest (mama bird fed them “worms”), read a book called “In My Nest” and several Fancy Nancy books, and sang silly N songs that we (I) made up. Overall, it was a really fun day and they seemed to not only enjoy it, but learn a few things as well. I’m really proud of the progress I’m already seeing and look forward to seeing what they’ll surprise me with next week!


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  1. Sounds like a great week!

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