The cuteness abounds today! But don’t tell the kids I said that. 😉

Today was the first day of Lucas’ gymnastics class (he’ll be going every Monday for 6 weeks, total). Kyla’s ballet class doesn’t start until next week, but I told her we’d go get her ballet shoes today so that she would have something to look forward to as well.

Last night, as we were talking about how things would go today, Kyla started to cry. She looked at me with her sad puppy-dog eyes and said “I will miss you, Mommy. I want go wit’ you.” She was very upset (not sure what that’s all about). And this morning Lucas kept telling her “I go ‘nastics with Mommy and I be okay, Kyla. You be okay too. Okay?” But Kyla told me “When you go to ‘nastics with Lucas, I cry about you in my room.” I told her “It’s okay if you cry. But it’s also okay if you don’t cry, too. Missing someone is okay. It means you love them. But I promise I will be back before you know it. You’re going to have fun with Mom-Mom.” Low and behold, when Mom-Mom (MIL) got her, she shed not one tear. 😉

On the way to Gymnastics class Lucas was uncharacteristically quiet. He’s my chatterbox that does not stop, so this is very strange. I’m not sure if he was worried about the class, or being away from Kyla. I asked him what he was thinking about, but just like a typical man he said “I not thinking about anything.” 😉 When we got out of the car to go into the building we happened to meet another little boy that was in the same class, so we walked in together. As soon as the boys got their shoes off, they jumped right in without hesitation. They both tried out the balance beam and showed off their somersaults. Cuteness!

Once the class started it was so much fun to observe Lucas under the direction of another adult. I don’t really get that opportunity ever, so I wasn’t sure what he would be like. Especially without his sister. He was great! He listened to the directions, did what he was told, and stood (or sat) on his color dot like a pro. There was a little girl that had a hard time focusing that ended up seated next to Lucas for a majority of the class, and even though she was off in la-la land, Lucas stayed pretty focused. He did lie down a couple of times when she did, but quickly sat back up when the instructor told them to. I was so proud of him. ❤ And when they got some free play time, he was so cute asking me to come hold his hand so he could walk the balance beam (even though he didn't need it). I just loved watching him and look forward to the next 5 weeks.

After naps it was time to take Kyla to get her ballet shoes. Originally we'd talked about Lucas staying with Mom-Mom and Kyla and I shopping alone. But in the end, we decided to take both Lucas and Mom-Mom with us. We started out at Kid 2 Kid, but the shoe selection did not include the size Kyla needed. So we went to Payless. I'd heard both good and bad things about the shoes from Payless, but decided to take a chance. While Kyla and I were trying on ballet shoes, Lucas and Mom-Mom went off to explore. And of course found "Ka-chow" shoes (Lightning McQueen). Which ultimately meant we wound up leaving the store with ballet shoes, "Ka-chow" rain boots, "Ka-Chow" light up shoes, Princess rain boots, and Princess light up shoes. Mom-Mom is dangerous to shop with. 😉 Both kids insisted on walking out of the store wearing their rain boots and have been stomping around the house with them on all evening. Cuteness! Oh, and Kyla is wearing her rain boots with her ballet "dress" too!

It was also heartwarming to listen to the two of them go through their alphabet books that I made them (completely on their own) and telling each other what the letters were and what sounds they made. Too cute!

Too bad they didn't eat their dinner and I have to pretend that they're not so cute. 😉



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2 responses to “Cuteness!

  1. So cute that they are having so much fun with their activities!!!! Love having good days with the kids. I have been debating doing some of the same things with my two since they both seem so interested in sports and being on a “team.” Just trying to find something that is reasonably priced since I’m not working right now.

    • Thankfully, the rec center has very reasonable prices ($79 each for 6 weeks). But even more thankfully, N’s grandmother offered to pay for their classes. I would have worked it out somehow anyway, though. They’ve been asking to take gymnastics and ballet for months now. I also love that they want to do different things!

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