We are finally home! Two days shy of 4 weeks at my mom’s just about drove me over the edge. I love her. And it was nothing she did. I just wanted to be home. I feel a little like I abandoned her, as she’s not completely healed yet. But she did get taken off the IV antibiotics and switched to oral, so the PICC line is out, so at least I don’t have to worry about that. But her wound still needs to be packed twice a day. The nurse will do it once, but I don’t know how she will get the second one done. She says one will just have to do, but that worries me. Guess I need to just let it go and let God work His magic the way He has planned.

Now that we’re home, I hope to get back to a better routine with the kids. Monday Lucas starts his gymnastics class (Kyla’s ballet class starts a week later), so I’m going to use that as our “back to school” start date. I’ve put together a loose plan for our weeks.

Monday- Gymnastics/Ballet
Tuesday- Letter of the Week crafts and activities
Wednesday- Play Dates
Thursday- Book Club/Service Projects
Friday- Field Trips

I may have to shuffle things occasionally, but I do hope this will help me stay focused. By having a specific day to get certain activities in, I hope it will make it more likely to happen. We shall see.

I’ve also made loose plans for what letters we’ll work on each week, and will be following the Virtual Book Club from Mommy and Me Book Club. I’ve already got plans for several of the authors and really look forward to that! The Service Projects was the idea of my friend and I’m looking forward to teaching the kids about giving to others as well.

While we were at my mom’s, she got the kids each a Leappad 2. It helped to keep them busy and out of the way when the nurse was there and when we went to the doctor’s office. The one thing they have both loved more than any of their other games is the Leapfrog Letter Factory video. It’s the same video you can get on DVD, but they can watch it by themselves and I don’t have to start it for them. They have watched it over and over and over again. And they are really learning from it! They can both not only identify the letters, but tell what sounds they make! There are a few, of course, that they are still iffy on, but I’m truly impressed with how quickly they picked it up. They also love the Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Team Umizoomi games, which both involve simple math. I like that I can look online and see what skills they are working on with these games. Clearly I have done my part to teach them math! LOL The “challenge” level for these two games is pretty minimal for them, but I’m seeing that they can do some things I didn’t realize they could do (like put numbers 1-19 in order). While I don’t plan to use the Leappads as part of their education, I do think it’s been a great supplement so far.

I’m not sure if I’ll be doing daily posts about our activities, or a weekly wrap up. I’m thinking a weekly wrap up is more likely, but we shall see. Either way, expect to see more posts from me than you have the past two months! 😉


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