Upside down

Yes, I know it has been over a month since my last post. I’m truly sorry. I’ve thought about posting several times in the last few weeks, but honestly, my world is so completely upside down right now that putting it all down in writing just hasn’t been in me. But I figured I ought to get something written up soon or the whole month of August would go without a single post! Can’t have that, now can we? 😉

Okay, so why is my world upside down? Well, a few reasons really.

First of all, that friend I’ve written about in the past? The one who is on hospice after a long battle with prostate cancer? He’s not doing so well. This makes me sad. Sad that he’s in pain. Sad that his wife has to watch him go through this. Sad for my kids that they won’t get to have fun with him for years to come. And sad for me. I’m really going to miss him.

Then there’s the other friend I wrote about. The one that lost a brother to cancer 5 years ago, then a sister to blood clots in late June, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction one week ago today. Had it been in my power, I would have been there at the hospital for her. Unfortunately, I was needed elsewhere.

Which brings me to the main reason my world is upside down right now. The kids and I traveled to Houston three weeks ago so we could attend my twin nephews’ first birthday party on August 12th. We had a great time and the older cousins (my two and my sister’s 5 year old) had a blast playing together. The kids and I had plans to go to dinner with some local friends of mine the night before we planned to head back home. Just before I got the kids ready to go, my mom sprung a leak! She had surgery 5 weeks prior and apparently had developed an abscess that had become horribly infected. One of the incision sites split open and the most horrible smelling fluid poured out of her. I quickly got the kids and mom out the door and into the car while calling my sister to meet us at the ER. After waiting in the ER waiting room for an hour and a half, my sister arrived and we decided that the kids and I would go back to my mom’s so I could take care of her dog and clean up the mess we’d left behind (not to mention getting my kids in bed) and my sister would stay with her at the hospital.

So there went the plans to head home the next day! I ended up meeting N half way between home and Houston so that he could take the kids back home. I arranged for the kids to stay with N’s dad and aunt the two days he worked that weekend so I could stay in Houston and be there to help mom. The entire week the kids were back home, my mom was in the hospital. It took a while for them to set up home health to take care of her IV antibiotics and wound care. Unfortunately, home health will only come once a day and her antibiotics are 3 times a day and the dressing changes are twice a day. Which means I met up with N again so I could bring the kids back to Mom’s house.

They’ve been with me for a week now. They’re doing really well, considering they aren’t in their own home. But we’ve had quite a few melt downs from all three of us. I have to admit that it’s really starting to wear me down and I’m very ready to be back in my own home. I miss my husband, my bed, my kitchen, my friends… My life!

It will be at least another 6 days before I can head home. I will be SO ready to go. I love my mom and I’m glad I’ve been able to help her like this, but I’m just done.



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3 responses to “Upside down

  1. Wow! That is a bunch of stress. Feel bad that you and your family are going through this. I hope your mom heals quickly and you can get home ASAP. Its never easy being away from home, especially with kids. I am sorry that your friend in hospice has taken a turn for the worse. Watching loved one’s suffer is incredibly painful. I will pray that your mom heals quickly:)

  2. Cathy

    Oh my gracious! I am thankful you were there for your mom when she sprung her “leak.” I had been thinking about you. Prayer list is lengthy these days. Remember our blessings and continue to pray. Thinking of you often.

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