Head above water yet?

Wow. That recovery was much more than I’d bargained for. To say it was rough would be an understatement. Thankfully, we seem to be fully on the other side of it. Though we are now going through the “recovery from recovery” as our ENT so aptly put it.

Rather than go into too much detail, I’ll just give a brief overview. It seemed like things were starting off well. The doc had said to expect it to get worse before it got better, but had said “middle of the week.” So when we were 3-4 days in, I thought things were still going pretty well. Then day 6 hit and it was miserable. I guess his scabs were coming off and EVERYTHING hurt to swallow. And he threw a fit when we tried to give him pain meds. We felt like we were torturing our son. But if we didn’t force the medicine on him, he was whiny and fussy all day and hardly slept at night. One night he woke us me up 24 times. I’m not exaggerating. I was at my wits end and Lucas didn’t help matters when it became obvious he was using his recovery as a manipulation tactic. He insisted that root beer was the only drink that didn’t hurt his throat. And anything I placed on the table was rejected immediately with a “that hurt my throat” pitiful pout. However, the jig was up when I picked him up from Sunday School and he had managed to eat all of his snack (goldfish and animal crackers). When I informed him that I knew his little game and he would be limited to only ONE cup of root beer per day and would have to eat (and at the table!) what I fixed or eat nothing, he looked somewhat dismayed that his comfy lifestyle was coming to an end. However, he still tried to maintain that his legs could no longer hold him and he needed to be carried everywhere, including from the kitchen to the living room, despite having walked from the living room to the kitchen to ask to be carried! When we went to his follow up appointment, I made a point of asking the doctor to inform him that his legs were not effected by the surgery and he should be able to walk all on his own. We’re doing a little better, thank goodness. And honestly, we were able to tell that he really and truly was recovered when we finally started to see him smile and laugh again. We missed that so much!

On Kyla’s end, she was wonderful for the first week and a half. Then I think she started getting annoyed with his whining as well. For the first time in her life, she found herself playing by herself. Of course, the new toys Daddy kept bringing home for both of them certainly made that more fun! She would entertain herself quite well while we dealt with His Royal Highness, rarely complaining. Of course, she was getting away with watching more TV and eating what she wanted, so who was she to complain? 😉 Unfortunately, when Lucas started feeling up to joining her play, she was not interested. The fighting has been out of control and reining them in has been a challenge. For kids that have always been pretty good at playing nicely together, this was something new for us.

In the midst of all the recovery madness, we’ve also had some great (and not so great) moments. I’ll try to get those posted soon.


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