I didn’t mention it before, but Tuesday morning Lucas had his ear tubes replaced and his tonsils out. Kyla stayed Monday night at N’s aunt’s house because we had to be at the hospital at 6:30 in the morning. He was taken back to the OR at 8:35 and we were told they were done shortly after 9. Shortly after that I was allowed to go see him in recovery (they said only one of us could come back). After listening to him scream for 20 minutes, the finally decided N could come back too. The nurse wanted to give him more pain meds, but N and I both knew this was a reaction to waking from anesthesia, not pain. We were finally able to take him to the car around 10. That is when he finally settled down. He really doesn’t like anesthesia. 😦

The afternoon went much better than we expected. He ate lunch (Toy Story soup) and watched some TV. We tried to get him to nap, but he seemed to be wired.

We decided to let Kyla decide if she wanted to come home after nap or stay at D’s. She said she wanted to come home, then asked to take her nap right then and skipped lunch. She’d had some diarrhea the three days leading up to her stay and unfortunately still had some issues that day. So I made an appointment to take her to the pediatrician that afternoon. D brought her home when she woke from her nap, then I took her in. The NP recommended probiotics and eliminating lactose until her intestines recovered. All things I’d thought about, but was worried about her passing something on to Lucas. Not that he hadn’t already been exposed. I just thank God he skipped this one, since I’m pretty sure it would have postponed his surgery.

Tuesday night was a rough one. Lucas refused to take his pain meds, but was completely miserable all night. He ended up sleeping in our bed. When he slept, that is. Mostly he whined. At 6:30 (his usual wake up time) he was done. But I was exhausted. We managed to get the pain meds into him and he turned into a totally different kid. A drunk kid. He was totally goofy, but finally drinking, eating, and not whining. Unfortunately, it was a battle to get him to take his medicine every time. We hated doing it, but we had to force him to take the meds. We’d tried mixing it with juice, bribing him, reasoning with him, tricking him… Nothing worked.

Wednesday night was only slightly better. Unfortunately, he also added in a fever to the mix. I gave him Ibuprofen and it came down quickly, but it’s returned twice so far. I called the nurse and she said it could just be post op and to give it 24 hours. If it hasn’t gone away we will take him in.

Right now N is running errands with Kyla and I’m watching Toy Story with Lucas. We’ve done a lot of TV the last three days, but I pretty much expected that. It’s going to be rough for a few more days, I know. And I’m sure it will be tough breaking them of the bad habits they are forming while he’s recovering. But we’ll deal with that when the time comes. For now, it’s about survival.


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One response to “Post-op

  1. Cathy

    This is what you go through to get a healthy kid….. TV while recovering is not a bad habit. It is a necessity and Lucas will be better than ever soon.

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