I have to apologize for seeming to drop off the face of the Earth sometimes. There are certain times of the year when being on the computer for the length of time it takes to put together a blog post just isn’t possible. This is one of those times. The kids turn 3 in just 7 days. That means that I’m furiously working on sewing (for their present), cleaning (for the party), and traveling (my nephew’s birthday is in 4 days). I generally reserve blogging for when the kids are sleeping, either nap or evening. But the last week or so I’ve been sewing or cleaning every moment they are asleep. Let me tell you, I’d rather be blogging!

While they are awake, though, it’s life as usual. I finally got up the gumption to start on our next letter of the alphabet. I’ll be extending it for another week, though, as I know they have not mastered it, and it works well with all that is going on this week (I’ll put it all in one post later). It’s the letter P. P as in Party! P as in Pirate! P as in Princess! P as in Pretend! P as in Playground! All of these will be a major part of the coming week and I am so excited to watch them enjoy it.

This is the first year that they have a concept of “birthday.” Not that they really understand anything beyond the fact that they get a party and that they “will be three at our birthday party”, but it’s something they are looking forward to and talk about constantly. As a matter of fact, they’ve been talking about their “happy birthday party” ever since we attended their cousin’s first birthday party at the end of March! Their thoughts have changed several times as to what they want at their party, so I’m glad I didn’t go out and buy decorations when they talked about Nemo back in March. No, they are now wanting a Pirate (Lucas) and Princess (Kyla) party. They even went with me to pick out the decorations (just some paper plates and napkins, table cloths, party favors, and pinatas) and were so excited! They want the party to be today (whatever day it happens to be), but I keep telling them that we can’t have their birthday until after W’s birthday. His party is tomorrow. I know I will have a week of “now?” on my hands. Someone reserve a straight jacket for me!

I can tell you now that you most likely won’t see another post from me until after the party is over (June 9th). And I don’t know that it will be the 10th, as we will still have family in town. But rest assured that I will get back on track.

On another note, we’ve been missing Chili terribly. I’ve gotten to where I don’t cry every time I think of her, but it still hits me now and then. And the kids talk about her often, saying “Chili gone. Chili in Heaven.” They also have adopted a couple of stuffed chihuahua dogs we happen to have and call them both “Chili” and sleep with them at night. When we say our prayers at night, it’s pretty inevitable that one of them will ask for Chili to feel better. And they tell me that Boudreaux (our other dog) misses her. And I think they are right. He’s been much more clingy and barks more than he used to. I find it odd that he barely noticed Chili was gone when she was missing, but now he is acting like he misses her. It’s as if he knew she would be back before and now he knows she won’t be. I miss her so much! I know it will be easier over time, but for now, we are still grieving.



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3 responses to “Apologies

  1. I bet there party is going to be so much fun! Drew was so excited for Kara’s party since I didn’t really throw him one. One thing that helped was we had a garage sale the day before so Drew knew garage sale then party. Maybe tell the kids something that’s happening the day before, even if it’s just going to the pet store to look at fish or something. Then when they ask about the party you can say, nope fish then party. It helped with Drew and by the end of the week he was telling me no mommy, garage sale then party when I would say I have to get things for the party.

  2. The party sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your time with family.

  3. I’m so sorry about Chili.

    Hope the party is fantastic – it sounds fun!

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