11th Annual 24-Hour Video Race

For those of you that don’t actually know me (or have been following this blog for less than a year), let me give a little background.

N and I were married in June 2001. In May 2002, before our first anniversary, a friend of ours invited us to participate in the Dallas Video Association’s first 24-Hour Video race, which became an annual event. We entered the race using the name Smoking Crayolas (I’ll share that story another time). Ten years later, Team Smoking Crayolas is the only team that has participated in all 11 Annual video races. The members of the team have changed each year, depending on who is available on race weekend, but N and I have stayed constant. We look forward to it every year and didn’t even let a little thing like surgery get in the way of racing back in 2007. 😉

Basically what happens is this: At midnight on Friday night teams of racers are given a theme, location, prop, and line of dialog they are required to incorporate into a short (less than 5 minutes) film, which must be scripted, shot, edited, and turned in by midnight Saturday night. Everyone is given the same elements and the same time, but the range of creativity and technique is vast. Teams are broken into five categories: Pixelvision (teams predominately made up of K-12 students), Futurevision (college students), Auteur (adult teams of 1-2 members), Guerrilla (adult teams of 3-5 members), and Hollywood (adult teams of 6+ members). They screen the movies at The Angelica in “heats” over the course of three nights. The number of films in each heat depends on the number of teams that successfully turned in their videos on time. The teams that advance from the preliminary round are then shown again at finals the next week at which time 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are selected by a panel of judges. First place videos are shown at the Dallas Video Association’s Video Festival and on PBS. But mostly it’s about the bragging rights. 😉

In the last 10 years of participation we’ve advanced to the finals 6 times, placed 3rd once, and 2nd three times. First place seems to always be just beyond our grasp. Of course, considering the fact that we only make movies once a year and have never taken any courses in film making, this is pretty impressive in my opinion.

This year we had a very small team. It was our friend T, N, and me. The elements we were given were:

Theme- Going Green
Location- Inside a closet
Prop- Fortune cookie
Line- “I don’t know, what do you think?”

We broke tradition a lot this year. Normally we stick to planning at IHOP, splitting up to find props and costumes and take a quick nap then reconvening at daylight to start shooting, lunch (after shooting is done) is Sonic, and dinner is pizza. But this year we didn’t do any of those things. We planned at Denny’s, didn’t nap, had Five Guys for lunch, and Chinese for dinner. And not only that, but we had no filming to do. Instead we spent the whole day on the computers, cranking out the movie you see below.

We screened with 4 other Guerrilla teams on Wednesday and managed to make it to finals once again. We will find out on Monday if that First Place title is still elusive.



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4 responses to “11th Annual 24-Hour Video Race

  1. I loved the video 🙂 Especially the way it was in verse and the fortune cookie’s fortune! The voices were great, esp. liked your recitation and (N’s?) yellow ant voice, quite hilarious and totally fun to listen to just as the video was to watch. I also liked the way the armies marched in. Good luck with finally getting first place, you geurrillas! What other films are you guys up against?

    • Actually, N was the blue ant. T was the yellow ant. 🙂 I have not seen all of the other films, only the one that advanced the same night ours did. We’ll see them on Monday, though.

  2. jdaniel4smom

    Wonderful! This is really well done!

  3. Lori Shugart

    Good Luck! Hoping that 1st place is yours!

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