Tot School- Letter M

Sorry for not getting this out on Friday as I’d intended. The day did not go as I had planned. And yesterday was spent working on our annual 24 Hour Video Race movie (will post about that soon), so there was no way it was getting written yesterday. I should probably relieve Papa and Mimi of the kids soon, but I figured I could crank out this post first.

As I’ve posted previously, I decided it was time to concentrate on teaching the kids their letters and pre-reading skills. They are showing real interest in letters, words, and symbols (they now point out every McDonald’s and Target they see. 😉 ). After looking through a ton of information regarding the order to introduce letters, I made the decision to start with the letter M. Here are the activities we did.

I started out slowly, simply pulling out all the letter M magnets we have. I asked them what letter it was and the sound it made. They both knew it without hesitation. I pointed out M’s as we went through our day, both written and in speech. When we were out and about, we hunted for M’s on signs and products. The goal was simply to make them more aware of the M’s all around. This goal was definitely met, as they now will excitedly exclaim “M, Mommy! Look!” any time they spot one. Very cute. 🙂

It was a bit more difficult for them to immediately recognize the sound of M, rather than the written form. After reading a friend’s post about her letter M activities with her son, I pulled out several toys that start with the letter M and several that do not. I asked the kids to put the ones that start with M in one bucket and anything that did not into the other bucket. Sometimes they got it, sometimes they didn’t. This is something we’ll continue to practice.

M sorting

M sorting

We also did M activities. We made mud pies (aren’t you proud of me for not only letting them play in mud, but also coming up with the activity myself?! 😉 )

Digging up dirt

Digging up the dirt

Mud Play

Playing in the mud

Mud Pies

Proud of their Mud Pies

We also read books that focused on M-related things, watched Madagascar, marched like we were a band, and made maps of our house, town, and the zoo. We even got to mark them off our list when we completed the activities (they loved this for some reason).

I put together alphabet books for them using the ABC Tracing and Coloring pages I got from 1+1+1=1.

ABC book

ABC books

I tried to get them to trace the letter M, but neither had any desire whatsoever. They wanted to trace the K and the L only. I didn’t bother fighting it. I just made note and decided that from now on, I’ll pull the letter we’re working on out of the notebook when we are working on it so the other letters won’t be a distraction. Along with tracing using dry erase crayons, we also used Bendaroos (sorry, no pictures).

And of course, you would be disappointed if I didn’t also include a Muffin Tin Meal, right? 😉 I actually worked on this one in advance, making the meatballs and muffins last weekend in anticipation. Guess I should be thinking about this week’s meal! 😉

M Meal

Melon, Muffin (broccoli cheese), Milk, Mac & Cheese, Meatballs, and Mango

Oh, and we also ate Marshmallows. We counted how many M words we could think of (this was a great activity in the car) and that’s how many marshmallows they would get to eat.

This week we will continue to look for M’s all around us. I’m still trying to decide if I should move to the next letter yet, or hold off until they are a little more consistent in hearing the letter in words. My friend at Hand Over the Cookies had some other great activities that I want to try with them. I guess we’ll see what the week brings.

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7 responses to “Tot School- Letter M

  1. What delicious looking Muffin Tin Meals! Those are some great letter learning activities. You’re doing a great job!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. jdaniel4smom

    Your muffin looks and sounds wonderul!

  3. I love your muffin tin meal! I am really interested in starting those with my son!

    • Rachel, it’s super fun and easy to do the muffin tin meals. Check out Melissa’s site (Muffin Tin Mom) and you can find link ups to TONS of ideas. Good luck! 🙂

  4. MichelleM

    So much fun to learn the letter M! Marvelous lunch! Will try the Broccoli/spinach cheese muffins. Looks so good 🙂

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