Shock and awe

I just have to post a quick note to say I’m absolutely amazed at what little sponges kids are! I was printing out some alphabet pages for the kids and Lucas wanted to look at them. I had not intended to use them in this way, but he wanted to see all 26 letters. So one by one I showed him each letter. He correctly identified 22 of them! The only ones he said he didn’t know were G, H, I, and J. I don’t remember teaching him that many letters. I guess it’s true that kids just need to be read to all the time? Because I’m pretty sure that’s all I’ve done.

Hopefully by Friday I can put together the post I’m planning for the letter lessons we’ve done this week. I’ve been very encouraged by their success thus far!



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2 responses to “Shock and awe

  1. That is awesome! Their little minds amaze me. I think all the activities help reinforced but agree that the exposure to the letters and words through reading is the best lesson plan.

  2. That is awesome! Their little minds amaze me. I agree that exposure to books and reading through the day is the best lesson plan but I also believe that all the other activities are a great reinforcement.

    Can’t wait to hear about your letter lessons.

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