“Day Off”

Today is my “day off.” N was out of town for 7 days (late Tuesday morning to early Tuesday morning) and boy did it wear me out! I think I was lucky to have survived, quite frankly. Between my mom being in the hospital, Chili going missing, and general 2 year-old-ness, I don’t see how anyone can blame me for being ready to snap. So I told N that I was going to need some time to myself come Wednesday, and here I am sitting in a quiet coffee shop trying to catch up on photo editing, blogging, and relaxing.

Despite the craziness, I did manage to throw in a little “educational” fun between sticking them in front of the TV (I hang my head in shame and continue to fight the battle of keeping the TV off now that my head is back above water). Here’s a little of the fun we had:

Finger Painting

Finger and Sponge Painting (Monday, before N left, but he was working)

Soap in the Sink

Playing with soap suds in the sink (Tuesday, before we realized Chili was missing)

Painting with feet

Painting with their feet (and some other body parts 😉 ).
(Tuesday, also before we realized Chili was missing.)

Cleaning up

Cleaning up after feet painting.
(Yes, still didn't realize Chili was missing.)

Planting tomatoes

Planting tomatoes in the kit we picked up while buying a new latch for the gate.
(Thursday, after finding Chili!)

Muffin Tin

Sunday's Muffin Tin. Kids asked for it.
Pineapple, olives, Mac & Cheese, chicken, dip, and more Mac & Cheese

Absolutely nothing productive happened while Chili was missing. I couldn’t even muster up enough brain power to cook. I don’t think I ever would have realized how losing Chili would effect me. It consumed my every thought. It’s a wonder I didn’t lose one of the kids in the middle of it all! Guess that’s what happens when your companion of 15 years is suddenly not there.

Anyway, my intention is to get back on the boat and steer my kids towards learning to read (just the stepping stones, mind you. I know they are still a bit young for actual reading just yet.) in the coming weeks. I hope to get myself organized to present a new letter each week, though they really do know most of them already (don’t ask me how! I sure didn’t do it!). I want to work on matching upper and lower case, the sound the letter makes, a craft related to the letter, writing the letter, and perhaps have a meal using the letter. Now I just have to decide what order to do the letters in!

I also hope to get back to posting here on a regular basis. I know I always wonder what’s going on when one of my favorite bloggers “disappears” for a little while. Not sure how many people count this blog as a “favorite” but I will pretend there are quite a few. It makes me feel good. 😉



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2 responses to ““Day Off”

  1. A day off sounds divine! I didn’t realize chili went missing the same week you were alone, that’s just cruel.
    It’s so funny that you are starting to teach reading (pre-reading), I just started that with Drew. As soon as I get my act together I’ll post a more formal approach to what I’m doing. He is so good with letters though I barely have to do anything.
    I wonder what happens to you when you don’t post 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Alyssa, I look forward to reading your approach to teaching pre-reading. I’ve got my first 4 weeks basically planned out and have set the order I’m going to introduce the letters in. I’m hoping I’m on the right track!

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