Praise God!!!!

Praise God!!! Chili is home!!!

This morning I decided to go to all the animal shelters in the area to look for Chili. No luck. So I decided to take my flier to the local vets. I started with our vet, then thought I’d feed the kids, have them nap, and go out again after they woke up. But they said they wanted to go to one more vet. I knew of one on Main, so I went there. When I showed them the picture they recognized her! The woman that picked her up had brought her in this morning to be checked over. They called the woman and she brought Chili up right away. I cried as soon as they said they recognized her. I am SOOOO relieved!

Apparently her collar HAD come off. I have no idea how. And they even scanned her for a microchip, but didn’t find one (we had her microchipped years ago). And she’d called the animal shelter back on Tuesday, but when I called that day they said they had not received any found pet reports of that description. She had put up a found pet sign that I didn’t see and she didn’t see my lost pet signs either. God was really working to get us together and we just kept missing it somehow. But thank the Lord we finally did and Chili is home!!!!

Chili cried the whole way home (the woman said she’s been crying the last 2 days), but the minute she was in the house, she quieted down. She sniffed the whole house, went outside twice, got treats from the kids, and is now passed out in the closet. I’m sure she slept very little while she was gone (I know I didn’t get much sleep!). The woman also said that her kids fell in love with Chili and wanted to name her, but she told them they couldn’t do that for at least 2 weeks because she was just certain that her family was out looking for her. Sure enough, we were!

I got her address from her and Mom has said she’ll be sending her a reward. I want to do something for her and her kids as well, but haven’t quite figured out what. I’d thought about a stuffed chihuahua to snuggle with, but I’m not sure how many kids she has (she mentioned a preschooler, but not sure about any others). She lives close by, so maybe the kids and I can make some cookies and take them over.

I am still shaking with relief!



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3 responses to “Praise God!!!!

  1. Praising the Lord!! God is so GOOD!

  2. Cathy

    Blessings come in small 4-legged creatures. So glad Chili has been found and is safe at home.

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