Doggie Update

Just an update for those who are checking in. We still do not have our Chili-bean back. 😦 I did get a phone call yesterday morning that a woman had seen her down the neighborhood street around 11 AM. Then in the afternoon I got a call from a man that had seen her around 11:30 on the major road next to our house (but down the street a bit) and saw the collar and was going to stop, but before he could a woman picked her up and put her into a silver van. I have no idea why this woman has not contacted me (Chili has tags). She has had my dog for nearly 48 hours and I’m going nuts.

We put up fliers around the neighborhood, visited the Animal Shelter (not there) and filed a lost report, set up for to call 525 neighbors (thanks, Mom, for paying for that). I’ve given fliers to everyone I’ve passed by. This morning we are going to put up fliers around the town home complex where the man said the woman’s van was parked. I just pray someone sees it that knows this woman and can get my dog back to me. I’m trying to be grateful to this woman for rescuing my dog from the traffic, but I keep getting angry that she hasn’t called me. Who would want to keep a dog that is 15 years old, deaf, blind, snappy, and pees on the carpet? Unless she’s a part of the family and loved more than anything.

Yesterday I would not have won any parenting awards. Every moment that we weren’t out looking for Chili (which was several times), the kids were watching TV. I just couldn’t deal with their constant “Where’s Chili? We has find Chili.” between bickering with each other. So I took the easy way out. I’m going to try to be better today. It’s not like me sitting and worrying is changing anything and if someone has my dog there’s no point in walking the neighborhood looking for her. So I really ought to try to distract myself, and playing with the kids would be good for all of us. If I can muster up the brain power to come up with what to do.


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