Random thoughts

Yes, it’s been a week and a half since my last post. Sorry. I’ve just not been able to come up with anything worthy of a whole post. I haven’t been planning “lessons,” I haven’t done any creative meals, and I haven’t really done anything all that interesting. We’ve had a couple weeks of stress, illness, and (at least on my part) laziness that have all contributed. I know I need to get on the ball and have been trying to at least think about the plans I want to make. I just haven’t decided when to do them.

So, since people are asking about me (okay, one person, but it made me feel special!), I’ll go ahead and post some random bits from our week, in no particular order.

Field trips: We’ve been to the zoo again. Yes, we love the zoo. It’s a great place to get outside and get moving. With our membership, I don’t mind going over and over again. The kids love the animals and don’t seem to get tired of going. As a matter of fact, we were supposed to go to another zoo (meeting my dad in Tyler) today. But Kyla got diarrhea yesterday and I was not going to chance a 2 hour drive and day at the zoo with the possibility of THAT happening. Of course, she’s been fine all day, and both of them were very upset when I told them we would not be going to “Gramps’ Zoo” today after all (I really need to stop telling them what we’re doing in advance). We’ll have to reschedule soon, before it gets too hot.

Illness: You’d think we’d be germ free for a while, since cold and flu season is supposedly over. But not in our house! Oddly enough, Kyla started getting the sniffles first. Then Lucas joined in. He even ran a slight fever, which made me take him to the doctor (worried about his ears, as usual). Thankfully, they were infection free. Though his right ear does still have some fluid. Next month we’ll be taking him back to the ENT and it looks to me like we’ll be doing tubes for the third time. *sigh* This time we’ll do his tonsils (which are huge) at the same time.

On Saturday morning I got a text from my mother that she was being admitted into the hospital for diverticulitis. She’s still in the hospital now. She’d hoped to be able to go home today, but that didn’t happen. The kids and I had plans to go to stay with her on Thursday for the weekend, but that looks like it may not happen now.

Then, of course, Kyla got an upset tummy that canceled our plans for today. Now I’m just waiting for Lucas or me to get it. Ugh!

Date Night: N and I did get to go on a date night on Friday! This is the first one we’ve had in several months. I think the last one was to see the Muppet Movie back in December. We went and saw a friend of ours do stand up at a local restaurant. Then afterward we hung out with him and a couple of his other friends. We were out WAY past our bed time (1 AM). Then I got the text from my mom at 5 AM, then again at 7 AM. I then had to call my grandmother to let her know and called my mom to see how she was doing. Just as I was getting back to sleep, my sister called. Needless to say, my one day to sleep in, uninterrupted, was a failure. *sigh* Oh, well. We had fun the night before and that’s what matters most.

Kids say the darndest things:

Okay, so there have been a few cute moments from the kids this last couple of weeks. On Wednesday, when we got home from the zoo (the kids were asleep in the car until I turned it off), Kyla was extremely upset that Daddy was not home (he was out for his usual Wednesday night plans). She pitched a fit, so I told N that we were going to stop by and then I would take them to dinner. Instead he met us for dinner. Kyla would not let go of him almost the whole meal. It sure made him feel good, I’m sure.

For weeks now, the kids have been pretending to be the big bad wolf and the little pigs. I think I may have mentioned it before. But the cutest part is how N has been joining in. He loves to hear Kyla say “Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in!” and “I huss and I huss and I blow you house down!” in her gruff “wolse” voice.

When we meet up with MIL she usually has the two kids she nannies with her, S and R. Well, S frequently wears her hair in a ponytail. It’s usually difficult to get Kyla to let me put her hair up (she doesn’t like to have her hair brushed either). But if I can convince her, I generally ask her “how many” and “high or low” (regarding pony tails, of course). Lately she’s been telling me she wants “One like S.” And on Wednesday a friend of S’s joined us at the zoo. Kyla can’t seem to remember her name, so she calls her “the other one girl.” And last night, during prayers, Kyla said “Thank you for other one girl.” Cracked me up!

Today at lunch they were pretending to be Milly and Geo from Team Umizoomi. They said they needed to go rescue Umicar because Swiper was going to swipe him (yes, they blended two shows). Then they said they had to go save Daddy. I asked what they were saving him from and they said “work.” Cracked me up again!

Letting Go (or trying to): I’ve mentioned before that I get twitchy when it comes to certain activities. I don’t like cleaning, so I don’t like messy activities. But I know it’s important for my kids to experience the messy. I’ve been letting the kids play outside IN their sand table and IN the water table. I hosed them down before they came inside one day because they were so covered in sand. I’m still trying to not freak out when they try to come touch me when they are messy. Today I even let them finger paint! Unfortunately, I kind of freaked out when they started painting their cheeks. I realize I overreacted. I didn’t get upset when they got paint on their stomachs (I made them take off their clothes) because it was an accident. It was when they got silent and I came back to the room to discover them painting their faces. And it just now occurred to me that they were probably trying to recreate the face painting from the museum a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, I still have a lot of work to do.


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  1. I so wish we were closer. Drew loves the 3 little pig story, Umizoomi, and making a mess 🙂
    Today I put him in his room to cool down and separate us for a few minutes and when I went up to get him he had dumped red paint all over his floor and rubbed it all over his whole body and clothes. I couldn’t really be mad, it was my fault the paint was in his room, it was an accident. I put him in the tub with his clothes on and then stripped him down once the paint was out of his clothes then I worked on scrubbing the carpet. I’ve gotten it to a light pink but I’ll need to scrub again tomorrow.

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