Muffin Tins Galore!

To pick up where I left off from the last post… Tuesday night when I got home from my dad’s, I was too exhausted to even think about cooking anything. So I didn’t. Grabbed a muffin tin and a bunch of leftovers from the fridge and there you have it. Yes, I could have gone through a drive through (it crossed my mind), but this was so much cheaper and healthier! And the kids didn’t complain one bit.

Quick Dinner

Canary Melon, Almonds, Potato Cake, Apple, Ham, Cucumber

Then on Thursday we used the muffin tins twice! We went to the grocery store and I told the kids they could each pick a treat. Kyla picked bell peppers and Lucas picked berries. So when we got home, I told them they could have their treats and asked if they wanted them on a plate or in a muffin tin. They both picked muffin tin! To make it more fun, we used our heart and pumpkin tins (because the round ones were in the dishwasher).

Treat Meal

Peppers, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, "cheese tortilla" (Kyla's has a hotdog inside as well)

Thursday night I made Taco Cups (with the muffin tins, of course!). I used a recipe I found for chicken taco cups and adapted it to what I had on hand. I lined the round muffin tins with eggroll wrappers (that I cut into four squares instead of getting wonton wrappers because I plan to use them for eggrolls later) and baked them empty for about 10 minutes to get them crispy. While that baked, I browned ground beef and green onions and mixed in some black beans.

Taco Filling

Taco Filling

I put a little cheese in the bottom of the cups, then filled the rest with the beef mixture and put it back into the oven for another 10 minutes or so. When they came out, I topped them with lettuce and tomato. I would have added sour cream, but we didn’t have any.

Finished taco cup

Taco Cup

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2 responses to “Muffin Tins Galore!

  1. Your taco cups are so cute! I love that the treats they picked were so healthy.

  2. You are so creative with your lunches. I really need to step it up 😉 I’m pinning these for inspiration.

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