Long, tiring week

I apologize for going missing for so long. The kids and I did some traveling and I’ve yet to catch up to myself. I feel like I’m barely treading water with all the things on my to-do list. However, I wanted to take a moment to try to catch up on what we’ve been doing (which doesn’t feel like much, but probably is more than I suspect).

Thursday, March 22nd, the kids and I drove to Houston. The drive (miraculously) only took 4.5 hours. The DVD player my mom got us (and N jury-rigged so both kids could see it at the same time) helped considerably. We stopped for potty breaks about 4 times, but we used the potty in the car (I keep a little one in the back for just such occasions) so that we wouldn’t have to find a place with a clean restroom and get everyone in and out (when my sister saw the potty in the back she decided this was genius and wished she’d thought of it when potty training my oldest nephew. Though I cannot take credit for the idea!).

When we arrived at my mother’s house the kids gave Grandma an enthusiastic hello, then disappeared into her toy room (used to be my brother’s room) and played nicely for the next hour or more! I actually had the opportunity to sit and talk with my mother without interruption. It was amazing!

Friday Mom and I decided to stick close to her house. We knew it would be the only day the kids were even remotely likely to get a nap. We hit up Babies R Us to hopefully find Easter outfits (that could also be used after Easter), but didn’t find anything we really liked, so we didn’t buy anything. Then we went to Chuck E. Cheese. This was my mom’s suggestion. It’s where she goes with her friend that has kids so the kids stay busy and they can talk. I don’t think Mom really considered the fact that my two were a bit young to run around on their own, so I spent the whole time trying to follow behind two kids that were going opposite directions and wanting to do completely different things. Kyla wanted to rid on everything, but Lucas got scared anytime they started to move. At one point I couldn’t find Kyla only to discover she’d gone up into the disgusting tube thingy above our heads. She started to freak out a bit, so I directed her to the slide. Only to realize AS she was coming down the slide that there was a puddle at the bottom. Someone had apparently spilled something down the slide and Kyla wiped it up with her pants. Ew! I’m really okay with never going back to Chuck E. Cheese, thankyouverymuch.

Saturday was my niece’s first birthday party. My dad was staying with my sister, but my sister didn’t have room in her car for a 6th person, so I had to drive to her house to pick him up, then go back the opposite direction to get to the party. Despite not sleeping AT ALL (even in the car!), my kids did surprisingly well. Unless you count the meltdown Lucas had because I got him the wrong piece of cake. It was also nice to be able to let them go play on the playground outside (with other adults supervising, of course) and not have to follow them around everywhere they went. I can’t say all my conversations were uninterrupted, but at least I got to have some!

The kids got to hit their first pinata at the party! They had just seen an episode of Go Diego Go with a pinata, so they knew just what to do. Lucas couldn’t wait!

L Pinata

Lucas vs Pinata

K Pinata

Kyla vs Pinata

After the party was over around 5:30 we had a 45 minute drive to get my dad back to my sister’s house. The kids fell asleep at that point, of course. Then woke up when we got there, so we took them inside to potty before driving 30 more minutes to my mom’s house. We gave them some quick food and promptly put them to bed.

Sunday we met my sister, dad, and oldest nephew at the Houston Zoo! The morning was pleasant with only a few pouts from my nephew (he isn’t used to catering to what other people want to see at the zoo). All the kids had fun, though. I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with my sister.

Family at the zoo

What a wonderful trip to the zoo! (Can you tell my sister and I are related? πŸ˜‰ )

That afternoon the whole family met at my sister’s house for a late lunch. It was mass chaos with six kids ranging in age from 7 months to 4, but totally enjoyable. The best part was watching my kids play with their older cousin. They played outside for hours and I got to pay lots of attention to my little nephews. πŸ™‚

Grandkid Chaos

The chaos of 6 kids under the age of 5 in one living room!

Monday we drove home. This time with an extra passenger. My dad came with us (I had to pick him up, of course). I was glad we’d have the extra hands to change out DVDs. But it wasn’t necessary! They slept the WHOLE WAY! I was getting nervous about gas, though, because I had thought I’d stop when they woke up, but it never happened. When we were about 20 minutes from the house, Kyla did wake up wanting to pee. I pulled into a gas station and let her go potty while I filled up the car.

On Tuesday we had to drive my dad to his house in East Texas (a 3 hour drive, one way). Let me just say that I am NOT planning to drive much for a while. My poor butt is tired of being in that car! We spent about 2 hours at my dad’s place before heading back home. He and his wife live on a large property on the lake. The kids got to try fishing in a real lake (no fish, unfortunately) and feed the rabbits they are raising. My dad’s wife made “bugs and worms” for lunch. The “bugs” were deviled eggs with various veggies to make eyes, wings, and patterns on them, and the “worms” were spaghetti served in a “log” of garlic bread. The highlight for the kids, though, were the pink, yellow, and blue drinks. (Yeah, she pumped sugary drinks into my kids just before I got back into the car with them for 3 hours!) I thought it would end up okay, as they fell asleep pretty soon after we got on the road. Unfortunately, my dad called to tell me we’d forgotten to take his stuff out of my van, so I pulled over in a parking lot and waited for them to catch up to me. Twenty minutes later, my opening the door to get the stuff out woke Kyla up and she never went back to sleep. Lucas woke up after about an hour. However, we all survived and were quite content to stay close to home the next few days.

That concludes the “travel” portion of our busy week. I’m immensely pleased with how well the kids did on this trip. They really are growing up, I guess. Aside from some some screaming from Kyla at night (possibly terrors), the whole trip was very enjoyable. I have high hopes for some family trips in the near future!

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4 responses to “Long, tiring week

  1. I got tired just reading all that. πŸ™‚ But I know how great it is once the kids get a little older and traveling gets a bit easier again. I just love the much lighter load… with an infant it seems you have to just pack up the whole house. I’m pretty lucky that my mom is only abut 2 1/2 hours car ride away from us. So it’s usually short and painless. Glad you all had a great time.

  2. Glad you’re back. Not that I’ve been around much this week either with doing home renovations, but I missed you πŸ™‚
    Next week my hubby will be in TX…is that when your hubby is in IL? That would be funny.

  3. Looks like you had a fun and very eventful trip. So glad to hear the kids did so well and that you got some quality time with family. Thanks fro joining in the challenge πŸ™‚

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