My kid has a tapeworm

Okay, maybe not really. But boy is he eating a ton! Can we say growth spurt? Lately a meal is barely over before Lucas is asking for a snack! And it really doesn’t help that he’s figured out how to open the fridge. I tried putting the stuff he goes for the most up on the top shelf, but then he started trying to climb the shelves! You’d think I never feed the kid the way he acts if I tell him “not now” about food. I only do that when he’s JUST eaten (and told me he was done) or when we will be eating a meal again soon. But you’d think I’d told him he will never eat again for the rest of his life.

For example, at dinner last night we joined some friends at Olive Garden. Both kids wanted Mac & Cheese, so I debated on ordering one and letting them split it (it’s inevitable when I order them each their own meal, they’ll pick at it and eat nothing). Thankfully, I did not. Lucas ate every single bite of that Mac & Cheese, plus the side of grapes, plus two bread sticks, plus a little bit of salad. (Kyla ate her grapes, a bread stick, and about a third of her Mac & Cheese. This was a bowl of pasta that could have easily satisfied ME.) And when we got home, he asked for more food (I did not give him any, since it was bed time)!

Kyla’s actually been eating more than her usual lately too (just not as much as Lucas). I guess it’s good that the season is about to change. They will grow into a new size just in time to wear shorter sleeves and pants!

I’m also happy to report that both kids are being good about trying new things. Kyla’s more hesitant, but we’ve been able to convince her by using our Fudoo Board‘s “new” magnet as an incentive. Lucas just eats almost everything. And that boy loves his vegetables! It makes me so proud. 🙂 I don’t know if our method of weaning (Baby led) had anything to do with it or not, but I sure don’t think it hurt.


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