Pirate Play

Yesterday afternoon the kids and I had so much fun playing that we were pirates! They have really entered a new realm of play and it’s so fun.

When they woke up from nap, Lucas decided to put a pair of pajama pants on his head and declared that he was a pirate “Arg!” I have no idea where this came from, but laughed and told him to put the pants back (they were clean). Instead of taking them off, he grabbed another pair of (clean) pajama pants and took them to his sister and insisted she put them on her head so she could be a pirate. Initially, I got a little annoyed. Then I stopped myself and thought “Why not? Imagination is good and I can join in!” I grabbed a pair of pajama pants and put them on MY head! All three of us became pirates!


We're pirates! Arg! (With stickers on our noses.)

We began talking about what a pirate needs and decided we needed a ship. I took the cushions off the couch and the kids grabbed pillows and we made our “ship.” We all jumped aboard and set sail!

Our ship

Our ship

We found an “island” (their room) to explore and dug for treasure (they rejected most of my ideas of “treasure” but decided the one gold coin we found would do). We went back to our ship and set sail again.


Planning our next adventure!

Then I decided to grab a pirate book to read. Pirate Pete! This is a book we’ve read many times before, so on every “where there’s gold, I’m a-goin’!” they would join in. LOVED it!!!

K taking picture

They saw the remote in my hand and wanted to have a turn taking a picture. 🙂

Lucas picture

Lucas could not be left out!

Overall, I guess we played like pirates for about 45 or so minutes. It was so fun to see them using their imaginations! This has been a fairly recent development (the current favorite is to pretend there’s a “scary monster” in their room and come running out, laughing). It’s fun to see this side of their play emerge. And they really play off of each other as they create their imaginary worlds! ❤

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One response to “Pirate Play

  1. I love it. I love it. I love it! I’ve started to become better at saying yes, like yes to pajamas on the head type things. I catch myself in a no and think why am I saying it? Kids are so fun if you let them be 🙂

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