Seuss’s Birthday!

Today was Dr. Seuss’s 108th birthday! Call me crazy, but I love to celebrate. I guess it comes from having been an elementary librarian before the kids came along. We always had a big Read Across America contest that either started or ended on Dr. Seuss’s birthday. I am super proud of the work I did coming up with and running those contests, pulling so many non-readers into the world of reading, that it brings back fond memories.

So, of course, I can’t resist continuing the celebration with my kids. I had 2 birthday parties for Dr. Seuss last year. We didn’t do a whole lot, since the kids were still so young, but I had a fun spread of Dr. Seuss foods! As a matter of fact, that blog post has been getting TONS of hits this last week. Guess everyone else was gearing up to celebrate as well! Hopefully this year’s will provide a little more than just food ideas. And I’m hoping that each year from here on out will just get more and more fun!

To begin with, I checked out tons of Dr. Seuss books from the library a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t want all the teachers out there to snag the best ones and leave me with nothing. 😉 We actually went back on Wednesday and there were still a few left, more so in the Theo LeSieg section (you did know that was Dr. Seuss, too, right?). I was able to read so many more of these books to the kids this year because they sit through longer books. Last year we had to stick with the short, board book versions of everything. But this year they even let me read all of Oh, The Places You’ll Go and Hunches in Bunches! I don’t think my Kindergartners would have sat through THOSE book! But of course, they loved There’s a Wocket in My Pocket, Green Eggs and Ham, Dr. Seuss’s ABCs, and Wacky Wednesday the most. My personal favorite is Fox in Socks, so they already hear that one all the time. 😉

We had our weekly Tot Time with our friends here at our house yesterday, so that was when we did most of our celebrating.

When they first arrived, we read the board book version of Green Eggs and Ham (they like the spinny egg on the book) and then pulled out our floor puzzle of that book. The puzzle never got completed, though. Lucas was the most interested, but they just aren’t ready for that kind of puzzle yet, I guess. That’s okay. We can try again next year! 🙂

Next I read Ten Apples Up on Top and we tried to balance various things on our heads. Pillows, books, puzzle pieces, stuffed animals. They kids thought it was silly and giggled a lot. I got this idea from a post at Let Kids Create that I found on Pinterest (love that place!). It didn’t last long, but that was okay. (Sorry, no pictures. Too busy trying to balance stuff on my head!)

Next we moved on to stickers! Last year I bought a box of Dr. Seuss foam stickers, but my kids weren’t really into stickers yet. I pulled them out today and they went to town, sticking the stickers all over the butcher paper and themselves. I laid out crayons, but no one was interested. I thought it was funny that Kyla lined up her stickers in a row, where Lucas was all over the place. That pretty much sums them both up to a T!

Seuss Stickers

This is actually when we started cleaning up, since I was too busy helping getting the backing off the stickers to take any pictures.

When Lucas started asking for food, I put in our DVD of Green Eggs and Ham while I finished putting together the last bits of their lunch. While I said that I hoped people got more than just food ideas from this year’s post, I did not mean I didn’t go all out with the food again this year! 😉 I had fun coming up with the ideas for this meal and have to thank Michelle from Muffin Tin Mom for her Seuss Themed meal link up that helped me come up with some of the items.

Seuss MTM

From top left, around clockwise: One Fish Two Fish (colored goldfish), Cat in the Hat‘s hat (strawberries and bananas on a skewer), Green Eggs and Ham salad with a Starbelly Sneetch star, Oobleck (lime jello with yogurt added), Starbelly Sneetch soup (chicken and stars soup), Cheese Trees (roasted cauliflower with cheese sauce), and the drink is Pink Ink (pink lemonade)!

I’m happy to report that Lucas ate every bit of this meal, except one (it was the “Cheese Trees,” but he did eat a little of it). And Kyla ate all of her stars soup, goldfish, “hat”, star bread, and lemonade. She ate a little of the “oobleck” but wouldn’t touch the “Cheese Trees” or green eggs and ham salad. Oh, well. Can’t win them all. Unfortunately, the other two kids only ate the goldfish and drank the lemonade, but didn’t touch anything else. I guess I was just too “out there” for them. My kids are used to me. 😉

We spent the rest of the day playing outside. It was just too pretty not to. I did have more activities planned, but felt that taking advantage of the beautiful weather would be a better use of our time. They had fun playing in the sand (moving it from its table to anywhere else in the yard) and just being kids.

But today I pulled out the activities I’d printed up for the kids to do. The first one is a Heart Journey Original! I’m so excited and am providing the printable here (click on the picture below). I based it on the ladybug counting printable I’d gotten from Playing House a while back. I made a One Fish, Two Fish game. Each Goldfish bowl had a number with the corresponding number of fish in it. I would hand the kids a few goldfish crackers to count, then find the correct paper to place them on and check themselves. When they were right, they got to eat the goldfish! Lucas can now recognize the numbers 1-5 on site, which is totally exciting. Unfortunately, Kyla cannot and she got quite a look on her face when Lucas was naming the numbers faster than her. She got tired of the game quickly and decided she just wanted to eat the goldfish instead.

Goldfish Game

Click here to download the numbers 1-10. (if you have problems, please let me know)

Then we pulled out the C is for Cat in the Hat do-a-dot page I got from Making Learning Fun. I find it funny how differently they approach these do-a-dots. Kyla is quick and precise about placing a dot in the (relative) middle of each white circle. Whereas, Lucas is meticulous about making sure that every bit of the inside of the circle is covered in color, regardless of how much gets outside the circle.

Kyla's C is for Cat

Kyla's C is for Cat. Notice how precise she is!

Lucas' C is for Cat

Lucas' C is for Cat. He's much more concerned about filling the entire circle with color!

Hope you enjoyed our Seuss Celebration as much as we did! I anticipate next year being even better and can’t wait!

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3 responses to “Seuss’s Birthday!

  1. I LOVE your round-up of Seuss themed activities! Thank you so much for sharing on the Kids Co-Op weekly linky!

  2. I love your ideas! The lunch looks awesome!

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  3. Your Muffin Tin looks yummy! Some great ideas there.

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