Update (Heart Post)

Rather than keep you all hanging, I figured I’d post a quick update.

I came home Saturday morning. We picked up the kids on the way home as they were missing me pretty badly (had a rough night). The chorus of “I missed you” when we first arrived was heart warming. They have been good about understanding that Mommy can’t pick them up right now, but thankfully N was home Sunday and Monday. He’s back to work today, so we’ll see how it goes with me still not able to lift them.

I was exhausted when I came home. Napped for 3 hours that afternoon and took two naps on Sunday. I think I was just catching up on the lack of sleep at the hospital. Not to mention probably a bit of exhaustion from the cath. Yesterday was much better, though, and I made it through the day with no nap. Go me!

I called my cardiologist (Dr. P) yesterday to get her take on the situation. Thankfully, she’d already talked to the doctor that had ordered the cath (Dr. F), so she was well informed about the results. She and Dr. F are both happy with the results. The pressures and such are very improved since getting my bi-v ICD back in 2007. The only problem area is that stenosis, which I’ve had for a while. But now I’m having symptoms, so we have to figure out what to do about it. We’ll wait to hear from the surgeon and the ACHD conference before making any sort of decisions, but Dr. P said she does not think transplant will be mentioned except as something for the possible future. It was a relief to hear, considering the way the results were presented to us by the doctor that performed the cath (Dr. D).

So now I’ll go back to my usual head in the sand tactic until more information is available. I like it a lot more when I can pretend there is nothing wrong.



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3 responses to “Update (Heart Post)

  1. I was so worried for you. I’m glad you’re home now and hopefully starting to feel better. I’ve been thinking about you!

  2. Tera

    praying for you friend. we really do need to actually plan and DO get together soon. you’ve been missed!

  3. Cathy Manor

    We will continue prayers, but I think I understand your head in the sand.
    I love all of your Tot School teachings…. Keep it up. Love you!!!!

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