Tot School: Valentine’s Week

This week was a lone week (our friends had to leave town unexpectedly), so I didn’t do quite as much as I’d originally planned. Harder to get motivated when no one is watching. 😉

Monday I pulled out the heart boxes I’d bought weeks ago. I took the lids off and mixed them all up and had the kids match the lids to the bottoms. It was great. They matched colors easily, but it was a wonderful lesson on finding a top/bottom combo, as well as using the fine motor skills to get the lid on. They returned to the activity several times this week.

Heart Match

Heart Match

We also did some painting with various hearts. The heart boxes, heart cookie cutters, and heart doilies. I covered their table with paper and just let them go to town. Only, mostly they fought over who got which color paint (pink or red). But they did get some painting in as well.

Painting with hearts

Painting with hearts

Tuesday morning (Valentine’s Day) I was all prepared with several printables from Lawteedah‘s Valentine Tot Pack.

I was excited to get them doing patterns, matching, size sorting, number matching, and all that “school” type stuff. It lasted all of 10 minutes. They did each activity quickly and moved on. Their favorite part was getting to glue the pictures on the pattern worksheet. Only, they got them wrong and wouldn’t accept it when I tried to help them see the right answer.

Yeah, I’m thinking maybe Tot Packs and us don’t really work well together. At least, not for long.

We also went to the library on Wednesday and have spent a LOT of time reading. I’ve been excited to see them enjoying “reading” by themselves and finding letters everywhere. They get really excited when they discover a letter they know or create one by accident, like Kyla did with the Magna Tiles today:

Kyla's S

Kyla's S

When she saw what she’d made, she announced “I make S! I make S!” until everyone came to see. It was really cute.

The main thing we focused on this week, though, was their new chores. They really got into having “jobs” each day and getting to check them off when they were completed. Each day they had to brush their teeth, pick up their toys at the end of the day, and feed the dogs or clear the dishes from the table (this alternated each day). There was also a big job each day (sort socks, gather trash, wash the windows, sweep floors, and dust shelves) that we worked on together.

Lucas Working

Washing windows

Kyla working

Washing windows

After one week of doing the chores I’ve decided to change things up a little. I’m cutting out the big chore, but keeping the other three. They just aren’t ready to do the bigger stuff yet, at least not without driving me crazy while they do it and it just makes more work for me anyway. So we’ll revisit that stuff later, but I do like how the jobs have made them eager to help around the house and hope it will continue.

My favorite part of the week, though, has been watching their imaginations take off. I don’t know what clicked in their brains, but they are suddenly crazy about playing pretend. They come running out of their room screaming “Scary monster! Scary monster!” Or they pretend to cry and the other one will come to me saying we “has to help him!” Usually, the way to help is to bounce. I know. Silly. The best, though, is when they pretend to be a prince and princess. I was so excited to catch a picture of them dancing together!

Royal Dance

Royal Dance

We had a lot of fun this week, but I’m really looking forward to being with our friends again this week. I also have plans to work on a food groups lesson with them next week to try and get us all to eat a little better. Wish me luck as I make my plans!

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  1. The photo of your little ones dancing together is priceless. Those moments are the best! I also love your “chore” idea. My little girl loves to help out but I haven’t given her a checklist before – I think she’d like it!

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