Muffin Tin Monday- Valentine’s Day

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with the kids today, since N works tomorrow. This morning the kids exchanged the gifts they got each other (N and I split up at Target on Friday and let them pick presents for each other). Kyla got Lucas an outfit that says “Always Cool,” a book, and a Mater toy. Lucas got Kyla a stuffed dragon, cupcakes (a mix), and chocolate covered peanuts. Both of them loved their presents and told each other “Tank you so much!” over and over throughout the day. It was cute.

Then we went to a friend’s house to exchange Valentines with kids in our Lens Baby group. They had a lot of fun playing, stuffing the cookies we made into the other kids’ boxes, and eating the cookies and candy.

Stuffing Valentines boxes

Stuffing Valentines boxes

Hugs and Kisses Cookies

Hugs and Kisses Cookies we made (we also made heart shaped cookie sandwiches)

When we got home, I threw together a quick Valentine’s Day lunch. I’d had it planned in advance, so it didn’t take long to put it together.

Valentine's MTM

Hotdogs with heart picks, heart shaped strawberries, grapes w/ heart picks, heart shaped cheese, and dip (of course)

They really loved the heart picks (this is the first time I’ve used pics with them), but I think they were so full on cookies that they didn’t have a lot of room for lunch. They ate all the grapes, some of the hotdog, and Lucas ate all his strawberries, but Kyla only ate one.

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  1. Super cute! I’d love to have you link up to the Valentine’s memes at Bento of the Week and Thematic Thursday.

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