Heart Project Fundraiser Update

I wanted to take a bit of time to update you all on how the fundraiser for the American Heart Association is going.

As of yesterday afternoon, the following donations have been made.

Printed books: 47 = $235 raised
eBooks: 210 = $1050
Matching CPI $1 (won’t receive until end of month) = $257
Misc donations: $152.34 (remember, every dollar counts!)
Auctions (have yet to receive $$): $128.72

Total Raised to date 2/12: $1823.06

We are SO close to our goal of $2000! Please consider helping us to reach our goal by donating $5 to this wonderful cause. In return, you will receive the awesome Heart Project eBook!

Add to Cart

If you prefer to have something to hold in your hands and warm your coffee table, you can purchase the hard copy of the Heart Book. $5 will still go to the AHA!

US $20.00

And for some reason I cannot get the “donate” button to work on my blog, so if you’re interested in simply donating any amount (even $1), please visit Hands on as We Grow, the wonderful blog that started it all!

Thank you to all of my readers that have donated to this wonderful organization. It means a lot to me!

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