Compare and contrast

Remember those “games” in kids’ magazines where they showed two pictures and had you circle the things that were different? I thought you might have fun with this little compare/contrast game!

Here is a diagram of a “normal” heart:

Normal Heart

Normal Heart

Okay, now forgetting the fact that they are labeled quite differently (and one is browning from age), tell me what you can find that is different in this diagram of MY heart (taken from my heart catheterization in 1980):

My heart

My heart

If you can name at least 5 differences, I’ll send you a cookie! šŸ™‚


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3 responses to “Compare and contrast

  1. sarah

    does it matter that the whole thing is reversed?

    the PA thing is behind when it should have one in front

    the la tubes are not coming out of the same place, they are behind

    and then the other tubes are behind on the other side too…

    i can’t get any more.

  2. It’s reversed
    The “V” chambers are connected?
    The AO is in front of the PO not behind it
    There some other things in front not behind…is your heart not only a mirror image but also flipped front to back?
    I can’t get 5 but I can tell from the picture you have a very special heart šŸ™‚

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