Muffin Tin Monday- Eating a variety

One thing I love about putting together Muffin Tin Meals for my kids is that it forces me to think past a main dish and a side. It gets me to offer my kids a variety of foods in small doses so they have a little of everything. Knowing that today was Monday and that I wanted to fit in a muffin tin meal, but not having the opportunity to make one at lunch, I decided to work our dinner into a tin. And as a result, I ate better as well!

Meatball Dinner

Wild rice, Pineapple ring, peppers (red for Kyla, green for Lucas), green beans, chipotle sauce, and meat ball.

The meatballs were supposed to be in the sauce, but I wasn’t sure if they would eat it with the sauce, so I put it on the side. It wasn’t a spicy sauce at all (it only had 1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce for the whole pot of sauce), but neither of them would even try it and asked for ketchup or ranch (I’ll let you guess who asked for which one ;)). Kyla ate half the pineapple ring before declaring that she didn’t like it, ate all of one meatball and asked for another (but didn’t eat all of it), and wouldn’t eat anything else. Lucas ate his pineapple and wanted more but I wouldn’t give it to him until he ate some of the other food on his plate. He ate about half of his meatball, a few green beans, a couple of bites of rice, ignored the peppers, and then ate two more pineapple rings.

I said I offered a variety of foods. That didn’t mean they actually ate a variety. Of course, everything I put in this meal is something they have eaten in the past, but they are constantly changing their minds as to what they decide like. I can’t keep up!

Oh, and for those that are wondering, I ate the meatballs (with the sauce) over the wild rice and had a salad with lettuce, yellow and orange peppers, mushrooms, and pineapple. It was yummy!

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One response to “Muffin Tin Monday- Eating a variety

  1. My kids change their minds about food like the wind changes direction. All of a sudden they like this, but don’t like that. Just when you think you have them figured out! ha!

    Thanks for joining in each week. 🙂

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