Tot School- Lazy week

Okay, maybe not so much lazy as just not as productive as usual. I didn’t really do any planned activities, but that certainly didn’t stop us from learning.

The big hit of the week were the Team Umizoomi Math Kits that my mother got them for Christmas. I’d put them away for a little while because I didn’t think they were quite ready for the activities. But for some reason I decided I could at least pull out the books and leave the activity books and “Math Mission Cards” in the kit. We read those books about a million times the first day! I’m pretty sure they already have them memorized. As a matter of fact, when I tried to skip a page on the million and twelfth read through and I was told I had to go back.



The kids ended up finding the rest of the kits and pulling them out, insisting they wanted to “read” the workbooks. Since we only have one book per kit (we got 3 different kits) and I wasn’t sure about having them write in the books just yet. I decided we would go through the pages and just use our fingers to “write” in the book. The kids didn’t have a problem with this at all. And it worked out well because we went through one whole book the first day and they love going through it over and over again. They don’t even need me to tell them the directions anymore and I’ve caught them going through on their own. They’ve yet to tire of them, even though they have done them over and over.
Kyla coloring

Kyla coloring

Lucas coloring

Lucas coloring

They also decided to color the activity coloring books. I’m not sure how they knew they were coloring books, but far be it from me to stop them. They didn’t do the activities, just colored the characters. But it was interesting to notice how much more precise they were about coloring the characters. They didn’t stay within the lines or anything (not that I’ve ever told them they should), but they definitely restricted the coloring to a smaller space than before.

After doing so much with the Umizoomi kits they are now counting everything! It’s so cute. 🙂

Lucas is continuing to be fascinated with written words and what they say. Today he had an ABC book out and asked “What that letter?” for any he didn’t know. And he got very confused when there was a Pumpkin for the letter J (it was a jack-o-lantern). Of course, because Lucas was so interested in the ABC book, Kyla had to have a turn, but she really doesn’t seem to have the same interest as Lucas. It will be interesting to see if there’s a huge difference in when they do learn to read.

I’m linking up to Tot School. To see more activities for little ones, visit Tot School.
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  1. I have those packs for Drew! I think I am going to laminate some of the color workbook pages so he can do them over and over. He is in LOVE with UmiZoomi, I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve seen the shape bandit.

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