Focus on Mom Photo Challenge (January)

One of the blogs I follow is hosting a photo challenge in which the only requirement is that Mom (that’s me) be in the photos. When I read about the challenge it got me to thinking about how few pictures I am in because I’m always behind the camera. Granted, I also don’t particularly like what I look like in photos, so I try to avoid it a lot of the time. However, if these pictures I’m taking are supposed to be recording memories, I really should be in them. After all, I’m a part of their lives every single day. Seems kind of odd to never see me. So, despite my cringing at how I look, I am going to happily meet this monthly challenge from Working on a Project.

When I first tried to get myself in the photos I could not find the timer setting on my camera. So I did the cheesy “hold-the-camera-out-and-push-the-button” technique. They had fun.



Classic Kiss Shot

Classic Kiss Shot

Classic Kiss Reverse

Classic Kiss Reverse

Then today I finally found the timer function and also remembered that I have a remote. So I practiced with it a couple of times before the kids woke up from their nap and when they asked me to “read” the Umizoomi Math Activity books (they pulled it down from a shelf and this was the first time we ever looked at them), I set up the camera and grabbed the remote. I’m disappointed that the remote is so obvious in the pictures, but I do like that I captured the moment.

Umizoomi Activity Book

Working through the Umizoomi Activity Book.

Smart Kids!

Smart Kids!

I am so glad that Nicollete put together this challenge. I hope that anyone reading this will consider joining in, as it’s so important to remember to include ourselves in the memories we are recording.



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2 responses to “Focus on Mom Photo Challenge (January)

  1. I love all of these so much! The kids are really going to treasure these when they are older. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Cute pics. Love that you used a timer and have a remote. i have to give that a whirl one of these days!!! 🙂

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