PJ day

Today was way too wet to feel like leaving the house, so we didn’t. I stayed in my PJs all day, but the kids, oddly enough, ended up getting dressed.

Kyla wanted to be a “Ballet Princess” and wear her princess dress, and Lucas wanted to dress up as well. So I put together a “Prince” costume for him from his closet (just a sweater and blue pants, but he bought it!). I also made him a construction paper crown to wear. They had a lot of fun pretending to be a prince and princess. They even gave each other kisses to “wake up” (and had me give them kisses as well). I loved it! Their growing imaginations are so much fun.

Prince Lucas

Prince Lucas

Ballet Princess Kyla

Ballet Princess Kyla

Last night I decided to write down our “schedule” on their dry erase board. There are certain things we do every day around the same time. This is what I wrote on the board:

7- Wake Up (with a picture of open eyes)
12- Eat Lunch (with a picture of a fork)
1- Nap (with a picture of closed eyes)
3- Wake Up (with a picture of open eyes)
5- TV (with a picture of a TV. This is when I usually begin working on dinner, so I let them watch TV while I’m busy)
6- Eat Dinner (with a picture of a fork)
8- Night-night (with a picture of closed eyes)

Throughout the day today we would go back to the schedule and see what was coming next, what time to expect things, etc. They have a clock in their room (with the minutes covered up) so they would run to their room and check to see if it was time for the next thing or not. It actually worked pretty well. At noon I told them it was time to eat lunch and Kyla said “No. Not eat time.” So I took her to the schedule, showed her the 12, then showed her the clock. She said “Oh,” and sat down to eat! She didn’t actually eat anything, but at least it stopped the argument.

I think I’m going to make something a bit more permanent (but that can be rearranged) to have posted either in the hallway by their room or in their room (high enough that they can’t reach it). For one thing, it’s teaching them their numbers and about time. For another thing, I know kids like to be able to know what to expect. I’m thinking that if I make cards with several of our “typical” activities along with some blank ones that I can use dry erase markers on, we could make our schedule for the next day each night. Of course, I know things might end up needing to be changed, but that’s an important lesson for them as well: flexibility.

We’ve also been adapting our night time routine a bit. I’m trying to be better about having them brush their teeth right before bed and I’ve added in bed time prayers, which they are loving. It’s so cute to hear them say “Dear God…” It started out where I would say a line and they would repeat it. Now they are starting to fill in blanks. I’ll say “Thank you for _____” and they’ll fill in “Mommy” or “Daddy” or “food” or whatever pops into their heads (I love it when they say thanks for their friends!). And we always ask for a good night’s sleep and a great day tomorrow. The other night they both stopped N as he was putting them in bed, saying they needed to “do prayers.” It was the first night he had been home after we’d started it, so he didn’t know to do it. Hopefully this will be something they will continue to enjoy.

Every day is an adventure with these two. Even on PJ days. 🙂

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