Winter Theme and Number 3

I’m going to cram both my Tot School and my Muffin Tin Monday post into one to save some time.

Tot School- Winter Theme

We were supposed to have our friends over for Tot Time on Thursday, but C woke up feeling sick so we decided to postpone. We’ll be doing our Winter Theme tomorrow instead. However, I already had many of the projects set up and ready to go, so the kids and I went ahead and did some of what I’d had planned (but not all).

I had printed up some S is for Snowman Do-a-Dot pages from 2 Teaching Mommies and bought some Bingo markers from The Dollar Tree. This was the first time I’d given the kids Bingo Markers and they loved using them. They filled every dot on the page and asked for more, so I printed up the I is for Igloo page from the same site and they had fun with that one and wanted even more. I think they ended up doing 4 pages a piece before I told them we were done. They asked to do it again the next day, so I just gave them the same pages again and they had no issues with dotting over their previous dots. I thought it was funny that (on the second day), Lucas carefully made sure the entire circle was filled in with color (but didn’t care if it spilled outside the circle). He was very meticulous about it. I was surprised with how much they loved this activity. Not sure how E & N will be with it, but I will certainly offer it again tomorrow.



I’d already mixed up some snow paint (got the recipe from here) and didn’t want it to go to waste, so I gave them some snowflakes I’d printed on cardstock and let them paint. At first they were very timid and very neat about their painting. But soon Lucas discovered how much fun it was to dig his whole hand into the paint and make a royal mess! I did not get pics of the mess because he kept flinging it around when he shook his hands and I didn’t want to take a risk on getting any on my camera. As it was I was frantically running around cleaning up spots on the carpet before they would dry! Next time I plan to use just shaving cream. I know I’ll be a lot less worried about it getting all over and it’s not like they really care to see what the finished product ends up being! I dumped them both into the bath immediately following our snow paint adventures!

Snow paint

Snow paint

We will be continuing the Winter theme with our friends tomorrow.

Dramatic Play

Okay, this wasn’t planned by me at all, but I thought it was too wonderful not to share! I had pulled out our colored silk scarves that we’ve had since the kids were babies because I’d planned to use them with out Tot Time. When the kids saw them they got very excited and asked me to put them on as capes and hats. Then they each grabbed a stick and said “I Monkey King!” (character from Ni Hao Kai Lan) but complained “I no fly like Monkey King.” It was so cute. Later they happened to find their Halloween costumes from two years ago (they were crayons) and put them on. With the pointy hats they decided they were witches. Who was I to argue? (the only pic I got of the “witches” was on my phone, so the grainy pics will have to do). They have been playing pretend a lot lately and having a lot of fun acting things out.

Kyla Monkey King

Kyla Monkey King

Lucas Monkey King

Lucas Monkey King

Kyla "witch"

Kyla "witch"

Lucas "witch"

Lucas "witch"

Muffin Tin Monday- Number 3

To continue working on number recognition we had a 3 tin today. While they were very impatient about how long it took me to put this together (even though it was ready well before their usual lunch time), they both seemed to enjoy the majority of the contents, asking for more of several of the items.

Muffin Tin 3

3 grapes/3 olives, Ranch (Kyla had ketchup, of course), 3 goldfish, 3 shaped quesadilla (I called it a "tres-adilla"), 3 Mickey nuggets, 3 three-shaped pita crisps

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6 responses to “Winter Theme and Number 3

  1. Great number 3 lunch! great idea!

  2. What wonderful lessons! I love the threes!

  3. Love all the photos and your fun muffin meal!

  4. Great number 3 lunch! 🙂 Great pics!

  5. Oh lucus the monkey king. That is the funniest picture I’ve seen today. That’ll be great to show is fiancee when he gets engaged.

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