This week’s adventures (1/16-1/21)

This last week was very full, very stressful, and also very fun. We kept ourselves very busy.

Monday we went to the aquarium with MIL, the kids she nannies, BIL, and his girlfriend. It was difficult maneuvering the double stroller around, but there was no way I could go without it. The stroller was a nice threat to have any time a kid would try to get away from me. And I also used it when we walked the mall (yes, the aquarium is in a mall) and when we walked to lunch. Little did I know that keeping them with me inside the building was the least of my worries… As I was loading up the back of the van with all of our stuff the kids got out of the stroller (upon my instruction) and were supposed to climb into the van. However, Lucas walked past the door and when I told him to get in he looked back at me, then turned and took off. It was the most terrifying moment of my life. I immediately dropped the stuff I had in my hands and pushed the stroller out of my way to run after him. I told Kyla to get in and ran for my life, screaming his name at the top of my lungs. Thankfully, a woman across the parking lot heard me and made her way through the traffic, stopping cars and attempting to stop Lucas. He tripped on a curb and I was finally able to catch up to him just as she got to him. I felt horrible for not stopping to thank her more than I did, but I didn’t know if Kyla had gotten in the car or not. Praise God, she had! I held back the tears (but not the lecture) as I got him into his seat and picked up all of our stuff from the middle of the parking lot. There was a person waiting in their car to take my spot, so I didn’t feel like I could take a deep breath until I’d pulled out and moved away from the spot. At that point, I started bawling. I’ve never been so scared in my life. And of course, I’ve been extra freaked out every time we’ve gone anywhere since.

Tuesday we went to the library for story time and then to McDonald’s with our friends. The kids all had fun and it was nice to have the addition of one more friend and her twins at McDonald’s. I was amazed when Kyla and Lucas both ate every bite of their Happy Meals, which is somewhat rare.

Wednesday we met up with friends at Ghatti Town, a pizza buffet and game place. I had not let Lucas walk into or out of a building since his escape attempt, and this day was no different. However, once inside, I put him down so I could pay. He kept pretty close, so I didn’t pick him up when we headed farther inside to look for a table. Mistake. As I turned towards the tables he caught site of the game area, looked back at me, and took off. I dropped my backpack, called to my friend “I’ll be back!” and ran after him. In retrospect, I should have let him go. Perhaps it would have taught him a lesson. After all, there was far less danger in the restaurant than there was in the parking lot. And no one could take him out of the building without going past me. But I did run, and I did catch him. I immediately deposited him in a high chair and strapped him in, then asked Kyla “Do you want a high char or booster seat?” She chose booster seat, so of course Lucas wanted one too. I told him “Too bad. You lost the privilege of choosing when you ran away from me.” I didn’t allow him out of the high chair until it was time to go (except when I took him to the bathroom).

Thursday was supposed to be Tot Time. Unfortunately, my friend woke up feeling sick, so we decided to postpone. Turned out to be a good thing, as I got a migraine that morning. However, I did end up doing some of the activities I’d planned with the kids, since I already had the materials set out. They seemed to have a lot of fun with it. Lucas was still in quite a mood, though, being defiant at every turn. At one point he told us “I pee.” Sure enough, he’d peed in his underwear (at the time he wasn’t wearing anything else). But after searching all over the floor where he had been standing, N could not find a puddle. We finally asked Lucas where he was when he had peed. He immediately took us to the play room and pointed to a pile of stuffed animals. He had peed all over them! But it had to have been at least 10 minutes prior to his announcement, since he had not been in there in that time! We were livid. I told him he needed to go to his room so that I could calm down. He told me no. So I took him to his room and closed the door. He cried, of course. When I’d calmed I walked into the room and tried to talk with him. Once again, it felt like talking to a brick wall. I got to go out for my M.O.M. meeting, but N said that Lucas ended up peeing on a chair and the wall before the night was over. All of these seem like they must have been on purpose, since he has had so few accidents lately. It’s so frustrating.

Friday was the one day we didn’t have any plans, so we stayed in our pajamas until after nap. We did a lot of fun activities, but it was very relaxed and a much happier day. I’m wondering now if maybe there had just been too much going on for Lucas and that contributed to his acts of rebellion (this seriously just occurred to me as I typed). After nap we decided to go for a walk through the neighborhood to a nearby park. I had a talk with Lucas before we left about not running away and listening if I tell him to stop. I told him that if he didn’t listen we would have to come back home and he would have to hold my hand the whole time. Thankfully, the walk went relatively well and we all made it back unscathed.

Saturday N volunteered to take on an extra shift at work, so I decided to join some M.O.M. friends for a McDonald’s playdate. I normally try to avoid McDonald’s on any day that kids are out of school because it can be a total madhouse, but decided to brave it anyway. The kids had a great time and even though it was crowded it wasn’t as crazy as I’ve seen it other times. Even with the birthday party going on! It was nice getting to chat with some moms I don’t see as often. Once again, they ate every bite of their happy meals. I’m going out on a limb and saying they must be hitting a growth spurt!

I was originally sitting down to type out a Tot School post (which I still plan to do), but this turned into something totally different. I wanted to record this week because it was such a challenge with Lucas being so unlike himself. I usually can rely on him to want to do things to please me, but that was not on the top of his list this week at all. I’m hoping that maybe a few days of having Dad home, along with a less busy week, he’ll get back to his usual self. At least, that’s what I’m praying!


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  1. What a busy week! I love pajama days!

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