Heart Project

As I stated in a previous post, I volunteered to contribute to a collaborative Heart Project eBook put together by Jaime of Hands on as We Grow. We ended up doing SEVERAL heart projects because they just weren’t turning out the way I wanted them to (or the pictures weren’t). Here are the projects we tried:

1- Finger Paint

L's Finger Paint Heart

Lucas' Finger Paint Heart

K's Finger Paint Heart

Kyla's Finger Paint Heart

This one didn’t work for the eBook because the pictures I took didn’t work cropped into a square. And by the time I realized this, the hearts had dried and curled up, no longer looking like hearts. But this was the first time I’ve used finger paint at home with them and while they were hesitant at first, they ended up enjoying it. And the mess wasn’t TOO bad. 😉

2- Doted Hearts

K's 1st Doted Heart

Kyla's 1st Doted Heart

L's 1st Doted Heart

Lucas' 1st Doted Heart

For this one I made a heart using circles in Adobe Illustrator, then printed it out for each of them. The idea was supposed to be that they would dot their finger in each circle. Unfortunately, they decided to smear it instead. I was impressed that they ended up looking like hearts still, but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. So I kept trying…

3. Handprint Heart

Handprint Heart

Handprint Heart

This was a quick one. I made homemade ink pads (using wet paper towels and liquid tempera paint) and had Kyla make a hand print with “Rose” paint and Lucas made one with “Grey” to form the heart. The first one didn’t turn out right because Lucas decided to put his hand on it again and smeared it. But I already planned on making two, so I was able to get the second one to turn out pretty well. I actually made copies to turn into Thank You cards, so I got double use out of it! This is the project I submitted.

4. Dotted Hearts (take 2)

I picked up some Bingo Markers from The Dollar Tree the other day and had the kids use them on a Do-a-Dot page I’d printed up. They enjoyed it so much I decided to give the Dotted Hearts a try again. These turned out more like what I was wanting!

L's Dot Heart 2

Lucas' Dotted Heart (take 2)

K's Dot Heart 2

Kyla's Dotted Heart (take 2)

I’ve really been enjoying seeing all of the heart projects that will be going into the eBook. I can’t wait to see the finished product and totally plan on donating to The American Heart Association so I can get a copy! I mean, AHA kinda means a lot to me anyway, so the book is a bonus! If you’d like a copy of the book, be on the lookout for a post from me with details. It will be made available on February 1st!

Heart Project

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