Tot School- Number Recognition

***Disclaimer: I spent two hours working on this post only to have it DISAPPEAR when I hit “publish.” Grrr! So if it’s not quite as detailed as usual, it was before!***

I’ve realized that while my kids are both good at counting from 1-12 (and sometimes 15!), they are not able to recognize the written numbers. So this week I’ve been making a concerted effort to introduce them to numbers. I can’t say they’ve totally “got it” yet, but we’re getting there. Here are the activities we’ve done.

Ladybug Counting
A while back I found this great Ladybug Counting printable from Playing House. I didn’t do anything with them for a long time, but when I thought about ways to work on number recognition they popped into my head. I printed out 1-5 for each kid and then we used goldfish (was going to use Cheerios, but we didn’t have any) to do one to one counting with the spots. After emphasizing the number next to the ladybug and how it corresponded with the number of spots, I laid them out in numerical order on the floor (one row for each kid). Then I would give them a handful of goldfish and they had to count them and find the ladybug with the same number of spots. They placed the goldfish on the spots to self check and when they found the right one I let them eat the goldfish. They loved this “game” so much that they asked for it multiple times a day all week. It may have been because they wanted the goldfish, but a couple of times I used buttons instead of goldfish, just to keep the snacking down a little.

Ladybug Game

Ladybug Game

Play Dough
I tried using the Ladybug cards to have the kids make the shapes of the numbers with play dough, but it went over like a lead balloon. They did enjoy playing with the dough, of course, but they didn’t want to make the numbers. Kyla did make a bear, which was cute. She’s really getting into making things out of the dough lately. I love it! Lucas is still just making blobs, but that’s okay.

Marshmallow Shapes
This wasn’t exactly numbers, but it was math and we did do some counting. It was kind of cold on Tuesday, so we decided to have some hot chocolate with marshmallows. Which gave me the idea to get out toothpicks and make shapes with the marshmallows. Lucas really got into making the shapes, stringing together quite a few marshmallows. Kyla didn’t get past making a triangle before she started just eating the marshmallows. LOL

Lucas's marshmallow shape

Lucas's marshmallow shape

Kyla marshmallow

Kyla eating her marshmallow shape

We also did the Muffin Tin Meal (see previous post) and used our new dry erase easel to write numbers. I think I’ll be working on numbers with them for awhile. They don’t quite it just yet, but I they will eventually. I’m also hoping to start working more diligently on letters with them. I think they might now be ready to do more of the printable activities that I’ve been downloading the last few months.

The rest of the week was spent visiting my nephews (finally!), which I’ll write about in another post.

I’m linking up to Tot School. To see more activities for little ones, visit Tot School.
Tot School

It’s Playtime!
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2 responses to “Tot School- Number Recognition

  1. Looks like fun! Who wouldn’t love counting if it involved marshmallows? 🙂

  2. These all look like great ideas. I have the same issue with playdoh. My daughter never wants to make letters or numbers with it.

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