Muffin Tin Monday- Number 2

The kids have been doing pretty well at picking up on letters and can count to 12 on their own. But they don’t recognize the written numbers. Not because of any fault on their part, I just haven’t been working on them. So I decided to do a number tin. I couldn’t decide what number to start with, though. Probably should have started with 1, but who wants 1 grape? 😉 Instead I chose the number 2 because there are two of them. Hey, it worked. Anyway, here is their Number 2 Muffin Tin.

Two Tin

2 Apple slices, 2 pickle slices, 2 pieces of cheese (cut in the shape of a 2), 2 strawberries/grapes, ham & cheese sandwich cut in the shape of a 2, and dip (Lucas had ranch, and Kyla had ketchup, of course)

Amazingly, they ate everything really well. Except the pickles. Which I only put in because Kyla specifically asked for them. They were on the counter because I was putting them on my sandwich and she said “I want pickle” so I combined the grapes and strawberries to make room. Silly me. I should have known. She didn’t even touch them. Lucas ate half of one, but made faces the whole time he ate it. At least he tried. 😉

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One response to “Muffin Tin Monday- Number 2

  1. Cathy Manor

    Love the number cookie cutters. I’m thinking in a couple of years I’ll need those.

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