Muffin Tin Monday- Chopsticks

We had so much fun playing with the Wok ‘N Roll game and the kids were getting so good at using the chop sticks that I decided to do a tin that they could eat with chop sticks (my mom happened to give us some “cheater chopsticks” for Christmas!). I’d also seen a food blog post recently about using Ramen and had a hankering. Here’s what I came up with:

Chopstick Muffin Tin

broccoli, tomato, turkey, strawberries, dip (ranch for Lucas, ketchup for Kyla), noodles

My version

This is how I ate the same foods. Yum!

I was very impressed with how well Lucas ate with the chop sticks. He was quite determined to eat everything with the chopsticks and not his fingers. He was actually neater with the chopsticks than he is with a spoon or fork! (Hmm… Maybe I’m on to something.) Kyla could do it, but got frustrated and ended up just using her fingers. Either way, they both ate pretty well. Neither touched the broccoli or tomatoes (not a surprise with the broccoli, but they will sometimes eat tomatoes), but everything else was a hit.

Lucas chopsticks

Lucas was really good at using his chopsticks!

Kyla chopsticks

Kyla gave up and used her hands.

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3 responses to “Muffin Tin Monday- Chopsticks

  1. Looks yummy! I wish my girl would eat noodles *sigh* Still, at least I should be glad she eats pasta now!

  2. I am so impressed! They are doing a great job with chopsticks!

  3. So cute seeing him eating with the chopsticks. And the meal sounds great too.

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