The kids got way to many presents, as usual. I thought I’d take a moment to highlight some of the best/most well received presents they got. There’s no way I’d be able to post about ALL of them.

Kyla asked Santa for drums for Christmas and Lucas asked for a keyboard. However, Santa and Grandma talked and since Grandma was already planning to get them a keyboard, Santa decided a guitar would be a good substitute. They love all three instruments. We’ve been treated to several concerts as well as dance shows. We now have our very own Fresh Beat Band!

Kyla singing, Lucas on keyboard

I loved listening to them sing into the microphone!

Kyla on drums

Kyla on drums

Lucas on guitar

Lucas on guitar

Wok ‘N Roll
This game by iPlay was on their Amazon wish list because it came with chop sticks/tweezers and I thought it would be good for fine motor development. I did not realize what a hit it would be. Thankfully, MIL bought it and we have played it almost every day since. There are four colors of three shaped “foods” to be picked up with the chop sticks and transferred to the colored bowls. The instructions say you can play a game of “who gets the most” or “who gets all of their color the fastest.” Then you can turn the “wok” on for added fun (it shakes and spins, making it more difficult to snag the tiny beads). Right now we do not make it a competition. We’ve mostly been having them transfer all of a certain color into the coordinating bowl. But N also tried having them transfer a certain number of a color into the wok so they could “cook.” I thought it was a pretty clever spin. They can’t really do it when the shaking is turned on, but they do think it’s funny to watch it go. It says it’s for ages 4+, so I foresee this game being one they’ll play for a while.

Wok 'N Roll

Wok 'N Roll

Kyla surprised me at her 2nd birthday when the baby doll my sister got her was such a huge hit. She’s continued to love babies (real and pretend), so it was no surprise that she got quite a few dolls and their paraphernalia. My mom got her a really nice wooden cradle and a washable doll. So far, all of Kyla’s dolls have the name “Baby.” We have “Big Baby,” “Little Baby,” and “Pink Baby.” So it was kind of funny when we asked her what the doll’s name was and she replied “Doll.”

Then, Friday we had Christmas with FIL and that side of the family and she got a doll that blinks and makes noises (crying, laughing, cooing, etc.). We asked her what this doll’s name is and at first she said “Baby.” So N and I told her there were too many “Babies” and she needed a different name. We gave her all kinds of suggestions and all were rejected. N started getting silly (surprise) and suggested things like “Cupcake,” “Shoe,” and “Ketchup.” Guess what the doll’s name is. Ketchup. LOL One of the things she says is “Mama” and when Kyla said “He want he Mama” I asked her who her mama was. She said “Baby Jesus! Mary!” So apparently Baby Jesus had a sister named Ketchup?

Kyla and "Ketchup"

Kyla and "Ketchup"

Ketchup came with a bottle and a bag with medicine, a bandaid, a spoon, and a “nose sucker” (yes, that’s the technical term). Kyla has had a lot of fun pretending to take care of Ketchup. I’m just glad there’s an off switch so we don’t hear Ketchup fussing all night while Kyla sleeps with her!

Lucas got quite a few sets of cars. My dad and mom both happened to get him Fisher Price Little People cars and ramps (different ones, thankfully). Lucas has had a lot of fun dending the cars down the ramps. FIL got him some wooden cars that come apart so you can swap out the wheels, hood, front, and back of each car to make new ones. Mostly Lucas takes them apart and puts them back the same way, but that’s okay. I think we’ve already lost a wheel, though. Of course. Last night when Kyla decided she didn’t want to sleep with Little Baby anymore and wanted Ketchup instead, Lucas decided he needed to sleep with his red car. The kids also got talking Lightning McQueen and Mater cars. They have changeable voice cards and apparently we can also go online and get something to make them into remote control cars. They look really nice and seem to be holding up to their rough playing, though there are parts that come off easily (and put back on as well). So far (knock on wood) we haven’t lost any pieces.


Another item on their wish list was an easel. One side is a dry erase board and the other side is a chalk board. There are also clips on each side to hang paper from. We already had some dry erase crayons, so the kids had a lot of fun coloring and erasing for a while. But Kyla found another use for it.

Stuck Kyla

Not exactly what the manufacturers had in mind...

Play Dough Ice Cream Shop
This present wasn’t actually for the kids. It was FROM the kids, to me. When N took them to find presents for me they each chose a book and this Ice Cream Shop. As soon as I opened it they were asking to play with it. I started to hide it in the closet and hope they would forget about it, but decided it was more important to let them have their fun than for me to get all twitchy about the colors of play dough getting all mixed together and stuck in the ice cream maker (yes, I’m weird). They had lots of fun and I tried not to squirm when they squished the colors together.

Play Dough Ice Cream Shop

In no way did we NEED any of these presents. But it has been a pleasure watching them discover new ways of play through them. Hopefully I can find room for it all soon. Time to do more cleaning. *sigh*


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  1. The play dough ice cream set is wonderful! We’ve had many good times with it too! I secretly hate colors mixing together too, but I have gotten over it. As a child, I was much more tidy as compared to my daughter. Some things you have to just let go!

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