This Christmas season did not go at all as planned. I don’t know why I’m surprised. We haven’t had a “normal” Christmas for years. Guess it’s just wishful thinking.

My mom came up on the 21st. N took the kids to his mom’s house to visit with his sister while I cleaned the kitchen in anticipation of our appliance installation the next day and waited for my mom. Mom arrived around noon and we had a quiet afternoon together. N did not have as pleasant an afternoon, though. He ended up driving the kids around just to get them to nap, then took them back to his mom’s to stay for the evening before meeting my mom and me for dinner with my aunts, uncles, cousin, and grandparents to celebrate my grandparents’ 65th anniversary. It was that evening that I started getting congested. And apparently so did Lucas.

The next morning, we were both full-fledged sick (and Kyla wasn’t sounding too good either). I tried to ignore it. After all, we were having a double oven and new cook top installed that very day in anticipation of having my family over on Saturday for Christmas Eve. At nap time I called it. I canceled our plans with FIL and that side of the family for that evening and informed my aunt and sister of the news. My sister was in total disbelief (as was I). Every single time we have tried to get together with my sister Lucas has gotten sick. Once again, we were not going to get to see my sister or her family. My aunt came over and got the turkey from us so they could relocate Christmas Eve dinner to her house. My mother spent both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day over at my aunt’s house (though she continued to sleep at our house) and MIL, BIL, SIL and her son came to ours (SIL and son were already sick, so it didn’t bother them that we were).

While I loved having the extra time to spend with my in-laws, it totally stunk to not get to see my family for Christmas. While playing a board game with BIL, SIL, and N I decided to tune in to a friend’s radio show in Chicago that was being simulcast online. A song I’d never heard before came on and, while it didn’t make the frustration go away, it did help put things into perspective. I immediately looked it up on YouTube so I could share it with my mom when she came home.

It’s funny how God can nudge you in the most unexpected ways and help you remember that it’s not all about you.


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